are to belong to world literature to the world literature, which are too own to the population of world over national and regional borders away. The beginning is thus comparable with the considerations, which led to a term such as world cultural heritage. The term of the “world literature” became for the first time of Christoph Martin how/as countryused (literature for the “homme you moon”, which “world man”), however by Goethe 1827 one umgeprägt. He understood by it the literature, which was created from a supranational spirit.

International spreading alone is not a sufficient condition for the allocation to the world literature. Decisive are more exemplarily more artisticWorth and the influence of the respective work on the development of the literature (EN) of the world. An agreement on generally recognized criteria around to decide to which works world-literary rank to be awarded is, might not simply be, particularly by epoch and region given Spezifika of the developing situation of the individual worksto consider are.

Beyond that at least the evening country is inclined to a certain navel-looks here: even fundamental works like the Ilias or the Bible can hardly be understood as “world-wide ” cultural property. (Abendländi literature)

the term remains therefore one of many superlatives:in-usually and beautifully to only use but “cum grano salis “.

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