World rank list

in a world rank list the achievements of the individual sportsmen become and/or. Sport associations world-wide after their placements in the individual (often only into the international) meetings, usually during a fixed period, listed.

The periods become of the world rank list the providing committee, e.g. the FIFA with the FIFA Weltrangliste, fixed, and a half (“half yearly rank lists”) or a whole year (“yearly rank lists” often amounts to); there are in addition, other variations (with the FIFA Weltrangliste about the last 8 years are weighted considered), under it also all time world rank lists, which refer usually to the entire period, in which the sport are already exercised.

In the sport there were world rank lists long time only with the individual kinds of sport. In addition, the most well-known world rank list is probably the tennis world rank list, it exists a gulf world rank list and also in boxes or with the game of chess (see in addition Elo number) is world rank lists for a long time well-known. From 1984 to 2004 the UCI Weltrangliste determined the placements in the road cycle racing. Also exotic kinds of sport order over it, then there is a world rank list about also with the domino play.

Meanwhile also crew kinds of sport defined such as football (FIFA Weltrangliste) their own world rank lists.


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