World record

a world record designates the world-wide best achievement in a certain discipline, mostly in the sport. A listing of world records of all kinds is led in the Guinnessbuch.

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in the Leichtathletik leads those IAAF of 186 athlete IC world records. Same basic conditions must be kept depending upon discipline, so that the achievements remain comparable. For example the wind force may not exceed the value of 2 m/s with the 100-Meter-Lauf or during the Weitsprung. With disciplines with different initial conditions like e.g. because of of cityto city of different elevator profile when Marathon or going (sport), the IAAF to at the end of of 2003 leads only “Weltbestzeiten”. Starting from 2004 also here official world records apply.

The IAAF leads beyond that world good lists, z. B. for youth records.

World records, which are led not of the IAAF, but neverthelessof certain importance are, like e.g. the crew valuation with the Marathon, unofficial world records are usually called.

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the world record development for the individual disciplinesis represented in the article to the respective discipline:

cycle racing

in the road cycle racing does not give it due to the strongly variable conditions official world records, although for example the fastest times are unofficially stopped with the rise after L'Alpe d'Huez with the route de France, to Marco Pantaniis here record owner.

In the course cycle racing are given the conditions for a counting of world records with the time driving (contrary to the Sprints) against it. The possibly most important world record in the cycle racing is the hour world record, which is driven on the course, held usually however by road drivers.

Forto maximally reached speeds on a bicycle see world records (bicycle).

water haven

of swimming world records become current for the long course (50 m) and the short course (25 m) seizes. This applies both to the single as well as to the relay competitions.

of recordsfor vessels of all kinds:


in the Flugsport world records are examined, recognized and listed of the FAI.


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