A turn ( v. turns. old-high-German: wendi ) is 1

turns. a general historical term

  • a drastic change, or a change of a happening or a development in a certain direction: Revolution
  • a historical change to a new section (for example turn of the century)

2. a political key word in German and European history

3. in the sailor language turning the ship (in contrast to neck). See to turn (sails)

4. in the sport

  • swimming sport: the technology of the direction change at the end of the pool
  • doing gymnastics: the over jump over the equipment, howthe legs backwards swing and the equipment course-turned are

5. the place of a distance is changed, in that the direction around 180° (turn in a road)

turn is a member of the slawischen people of the turns (see also Sorben)

this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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