Werner Eggerath

Werner Eggerath (* 16. March 1900 in Elberfeld, † 16. June 1977 in Berlin) was a German writer and Prime Minister of Thuringia.

Eggerath was 1918 -, 1920 in the red Ruhr army and fled afterwards into the Netherlands province Limburg fought to 19 soldier. It lived 1923 in the German border place course ELT and worked into the 1920er years as KPD - functionary. 1929 he was a city delegate in Neuss, 1932 subdistrict leaders in Wuppertal. 1932 to 1934 it visited the Lenin school in Moscow and worked thereafter illegaly for the revolutionary trade union opposition (RGO) and the German KPD Landesleitung. 1935 he was arrested and condemned 1936 by the people's court because of “preparation to the high treason “to 15 years detention, which he served in the penintentiary Münster and the penal establishment Bochum.

1945 became Eggerath land advice one fields of the sea-circle and first secretary of the KPD semidirect line Thuringia, 1946 state parliament delegates and regional chairman of the SED of Thuringia. he officiated to 1947 to 1952 as a head of the provincial government (Prime Minister) of the country Thuringia. Besides it was 1948 - 49 member of the German people advice and to 1954 of delegates of the people chamber.

1952 to 1954 were Eggerath undersecretary of state with the Prime Minister of the GDR, afterwards to 1957 Ambassadors in Romania and from 1957 to 1960 first undersecretary of state for church questions. Starting from 1961 it lived as free lance writers in Berlin.

It was distinguished 1960 with the national price, 1965 with the patriotic earnings/service medal and appointed 1966 the honour senator of the University of Jena.


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