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Werner Egk (* 17. May 1901 in Auchsesheim, today to Donauwörth; † 10. July 1983 in Inning at the bunting lake; actually Werner Joseph Mayer, the alias Egk, that by permutation of letters from the mono gram of its wife, the G eigerin E lisabeth K arl, came out and which he used 1923 since the marriage, 1937 became also official surname) were a German composer. Egk is a representative of the German Neoklassizismus and the modern concert hall and occasionally as a “composer of the reconstruction” is apostrophiert.

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Egk was the third child of the teacher Joseph Mayer and his Mrs. Maria, geb. Bend. 1908 drew the family to Augsburg, there it visited a human High School starting from 1919, received first piano instruction and visits in the years 1919/20 there the urban conservatoire. After the Abitur it took first private singing and piano instruction and studied then in Frankfurt/Main and as soon as later with Carl Orff in Munich composition and directing.

From 1930 to 1933 Egk for the Bavarian broadcast worked, where he began also 1935 as a guest conductor its career as orchestra leaders, whom he continued between 1936 and 1940 as a Kapellmeister at the state opera under the lime trees in Berlin.Afterwards it established as a free lance composer in the environment of Munich , between 1941 and 1945 was director/conductor of the trade association composer of the STAGMA (nationally recognized society for musical performance rights) in the realm music chamber.

With the olympic summer games it received 1936 in Berlinolympic gold medal in the category “orchestra music”; at the realm music days 1939 by Joseph Goebbels a music price one lent to it. Its role during the time of the third realm led end of the 1960er years to criticism at its person.

After end of war Egk from 1950 to 1953 workedas a director of the university for music in West Berlin. 1950 he became a president of the German composer federation along-justified of him and chairman of the supervisory board of the GEMA, was between 1969 and 1971 president of the German music advice and became 1976 president of the CISAC.

Egk is honour citizen thatCity Munich.




  • Joan of Zarissa forSpeaker, mixed choir, Sopran, Bariton and orchestra (1940)
    • from it a Konzertsuite and a Triptychon for orchestra
  • Abraxas. Fist - ballet after Heinrich Heine (1948)
    • from it a Konzertsuite
  • the Chinese nightingale after Hans's Christian Andersen one (1953)
  • Casanova in London (1969; from this English Suite)

of orchestra works

  • small Symphonie (1926)
  • orchestra Sonate (1847/48)
  • French Suite after Jean Philippe Rameau (1949; as ballet 1952)
  • Allegria (1952; as ballet 1953)
  • variations over a Caribbean topic (1959; as ballet with the title Danza, 1960)
  • 2. Sonate for orchestras (1969)
  • Mirror time (1979)
  • music for a missing person romance. Ouvertüre (1980)
  • the examiner. Konzertsuite for trumpet and chamber orchestra (1981)
  • the charm violin. Ouvertüre in a version for Bläser (1981)
  • Canzona for Violoncello and orchestra (1982)
  • Nachtanz (Opus postumus, premiere 1985)

vowel music

  • Furchtlosigkeitand sympathetic consideration. Oratorium for tenor, mixed choir and orchestra; (1931; Revised version 1959)
  • La tentation de Saint Antoine d'après airs et verse you the 18e siècle for alto, caper quartet and caper orchestra (1952; as ballet 1969)
  • Nachgefühl. Kantate for Sopran and orchestra after Klabund (1975)


  • the lion and the mouse. Singspiel for children (1931)
  • the fox and the Rabe. Singspiel for children (1932)
  • history of the knight Don Juan from Barcelona. After an old people play (1932)

film music


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