Werner largely

Werner large, German art historian

Werner large (* 10. October 1935 in Schwalbach, circle Saarlouis) was from 1982 to 2000 judges at the Federal High Court.

After conclusion of its legal training large occurred in the year 1963 the law service of the Saarland . 1967 he was appointed the regional court advice, starting from 1972 was active he as judges at the higher regional court Saarbruecken.

1982 took place the appointment from large to the judge at the Federal High Court. The presidency of the BGH knows it first VIII. Civil court of appeal too. After its appointment as the chairman Richter at the Federal High Court in the year 1995 large transferred the presidency in VI. Civil court of appeal, which function it up to its entrance into the retirement to 31. October 2000 maintained should.


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