Werner duke

Werner duke with a film premiere in Seattle, approx. 2005

Werner duke, actually Werner H. Stipetic (Croatian: Stipetić) (* 5. September 1942 in Munich) is a German film director, opera director, an actor and an author of Croatian origin. WernerDuke is beside peoples Schlöndorff, Alexander intelligent one, Rainer Werner barrel binder and rakes Bohm an important representative of the “new one of German film” and/or. the author film.

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its youth

Werner duke special rank, nearby the border to Austria, probably buildup on a farm in the Bavarian nature area. With 12 years, after the divorce of its parents, he pulled with his nut/mother,a native Jugoslawin, to Munich. It states from itself that it telephoned with 17 first time and saw its first film. It was divided in Munich a dwelling with Klaus Kinski, for that already at this time Exzentriker was. In Munich it made its Abitur and studied history, literature and theatre sciences, briefly film and television in Pittsburgh, the USA. It visited no film school and taught themselves filming auto+didactically. It drove its first film sign of life19 years. For this film it received financial support from the Kuratorium of young one German film. Duke was lent for the film the Federal film award in the category of “best one first film”. It published the film 1968. The first film, which it published,1962 was the Kurzfilm (12 minutes) Herakles.

Duke created 1963 its own Produkionsfirma, Werner duke film production in Munich.

1967 married duke Martje Grohmann. Its son Rudolph Amos Achmed was born 1973. Daughter Hanna matte (nut/mother EH matte) became1980 born. 1987 married duke Christine Maria Ebenberger. Its son Simon David Alexander duke was born 1989. Duke is at present (2006) married with Lena duke.

its many

of its films it turned films in English. In five itsmost well-known films occupied he the main role with Klaus Kinski. Over the often difficult relationship of the two it turned 1999 the documentary film my dearest enemy.

Werner of duke work contains also numerous documentary work of special attraction beside his features.After Cobra Verde it turned only two features (conditions: June 2004), but however numerous documentations for television and cinema. Even in earlier years it turned regularly documentary films, the perhaps most remarkable of it Gasherbrum, over a Doppel-8000er-Besteigung von Reinhold Messner,in duke understanding the expression perfect of the documentary film finds: It refuses itself to the Cinema verité and the estimate that cameras could reproduce authenticity. Rather it also always goes around in the documentary work around the own perspective on the article,Duke thus. This goes so far the fact that he puts words and utterances to some documented persons into the mouth and the work besides strongly ästhetisiert.

The Kurzfilm Werner duke eats his Shoe documents duke a redeeming of a lost bet (see titles).Duke did not bet its first film gate OF Heaven with Errol Morris the this completely would place. Duke cooked its shoes and ate one up to the sole up. Direction led Les blank, also later the much-praised documentationover the cumbersome turning work of Fitzcarraldo turned (burdens OF Dreams).

Center of the eighties it turned to the opera and debütierte themselves with the production of Ferruccio Busonis doctor Faustus. Admits became it by its performances of Wagner. Momentarily (2004) it specifies Tannhäuser and the singer war on waiting castle .


of films overWerner duke

  • 1978 - Christian way fount and Erwin Keuch - which I am am my films
  • 1980 - Les blank - Werner duke eats his Shoe
  • 1982 - Les blank - burdens OF Dreams
  • 1988 - Peter Buchka - toto the end… and then still further. The ekstatische world of the film producer Werner duke

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