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Werner get away (* 25. May 1920 in Hanover; † 16. April 1992 in Hanover) was a German lawyer, an attorney and a social-democratic politician.

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after the war participation and its study established itself get away 1955 as an attorney and notary in Hanover. It was member of the executive committee and vice-president of the bar Celle and member of the Federal Administration of the Humanisti union. 1977 he withdrew because of different view of the function the lawyer together also with 16 colleagues from the attorney association Hanover.

1979 he was founder and first chairmen of the republican lawyer association. In Holtforts Kanzlei completed the later Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder its Rechtsreferendariat. Since 1970 SPD - member, in which he saw himself on their left wing, it was 1982 to 1990 member of the federal state parliament of Lower Saxony. Together with the journalist kind of hitting a corner Spoo and other written it numerous CDU - and Ernst Albrecht - critical publications. Get away 1985 joint founders of the Adolph baron of Knigge society were in Hanover.

It is buried on the city cemetery Engesohde in Hanover, since grave saying read: In dubio per rather-done (in the doubt for the liberty). Its deduction is administered by the Gottfried William Leibniz library in Hanover.

2003 designated the state capital Hanover a way in the quarter zoo after Werner get away.


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report as a state parliament delegate

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