Werner Krauss

of these articles is concerned with the actor Werner Krauss; for the novelists of the same name see Werner Krauss (novelist).

Werner Johannes Krauss (* 23. June 1884 in Gestungshausen with Coburg ; † 20. October 1959 in Vienna), was a German actor.

Werner Krauss was considered as one of the outstanding actors of its time. Its international break-through created it 1920 with the legendary film the Cabinet of the Dr. Caligari. When he was appointed 1934 the Germanstate actor “, it was clear that he itself on Nazi - regime let in. Above all its participation in the propaganda film Jud sweet, it played equivalent six Jews, (all Jewish speech roles except Joseph sweetly Oppenheimer) brought it humanly in disrepute and led also to a temporary professional disqualification after the Second World War. Only its outstanding talent permitted it later a resumption of his play career. From 1948 to 1959 it was again active at the Viennese castle theatre. Hans Söhnker said about him: “Over the lonely rank of the artist Krauss there is no discussion. Only at humans the spirit separates ".

In the year 1954 Krauss received the Iffland ring, however to non like it otherwise tradition was - from the previous carrier Albert Bassermann, who had already died 1952, but from the trust federation of German-speaking stage members. It passed it on at Josef my wheel , these again at Bruno whole.

On the speech plate of the old fist and Mephisto, which were published briefly before its death, he spoke both Goethe's fist and Mephisto.



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