Werner Lamberz

Werner Lamberz (* 14. April 1929 in Mayen, † 6. March 1978 in Libya) was member of the Politbüros of the central committee of the SED in the GDR.

Lamberz was 1939 - 1943 member of the German youth and to 1945 the HJ. 1941 - 1944 he was pupil of the Adolf Hitler school in Sonthofen.

1945 1948 it completed training as heating engineer and a mechanic in Mayen and gap forest. it joined 1947 the FDJ and the SED and became FDJ and SED functionary for the circle gap forest and 1949 - 1952 for the country Brandenburg.

it studied 1950 at the national party school Schmerwitz and 1952 1953 at the Komsomol university in Moscow. Afterwards it was until 1963 member and a secretary of the Central Council of the FDJ, first for agitation and propaganda, then for culture work and - after a stay 1955 - 1959 as a representative of the Central Council of the FDJ in the executive committee of the world league of the democratic youth in Budapest - for international connections, west work and affairs of student.

1963 became Lamberz candidate of the central committee of the SED and first (under Albert Norden) member, 1966 - 1971 directors/conductors of the commission for agitation and propaganda. Since 1967 it was member of the central committee of the SED and delegate of the people chamber, 1970 became it candidate and 1976 member of the Politbüros of the ZK of the SED. it regulated 1971 with the fall Ulbrichts on behalf Erich of Honecker the tuning with the Soviet party leadership.

It was considered as future successors of Erich Honecker and a representative of a more liberal political line. Lamberz was distinguished 1964 with the patriotic earnings/service medal and 1968 with the banner of the work.

Lamberz had an accident in Libya deadly

Werner Lamberz visited together with Erich Honecker and Willi Stoph and further GDR delegation members to 6. March 1978 Libya. It concerned negotiations with the Libyan government over the grant from credits and an agreement, which planned the financing of technique exports of the GDR into third countries by Libya. These agreements were never consistently converted by its accidental death. It negotiated also with Muammar el-Gaddafi in a camp. On the way back from the camp to Tripoli came according to Libyan data of the helicopters with Lamberz on board in wobbling and fell. No crew member survived. The cause a defect at the rotor was supposed. Whether it was a notice or an accident, could not be clarified until today exactly. Possibly the notice - if it one was - applied for Gaddafi themselves, because neither flying time nor helicopters were certain to short before the departure. With him the ZK-department manager for international connections died Paul Markowski.


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