Werner Schneyder

Werner Schneyder (* 25. January 1937 in Graz) is considered as one the most well-known Austrian Kabarettisten and sport moderators.

After its study of journalism and history of art in Vienna he is first active as journalist and ad writers. Afterwards it has commitments as Dramaturg at the national theatres Salzburg and Linz (1962-65). Since 1965 Schneyder active as a freelance author and director for radio and television are. Starting from 1974 it has together with Dieter Hildebrandt as political Kabarettist appearances in German Kabarettprogrammen: Thus it shone and others with programs „of the residents of Munich laughter and shooting company “like „talc daily “(1974) and „end of the play time “(1981). Since 1982 it arose also with solo programs like „internmediate tones “, which in the tradition of the literary Kabaretts, as well as with chansons. It e.g. made. many Kabarettprogramme with Dieter Hildebrandt and truck Lorentz, with truck Lorentz among other things a program with chansons of Erich Kästner (tones from Holger Münzer): “Contemporaries in large amounts”, a 6-teilige television sequence between 1984-86 with record with Amaton.

At the same time it was moderator of the TV-Talkshow „my guests “(Bavarian broadcast, 1982). 1994-96 it played its parting program „parting evening “. The newspaper scientist attained a doctorate, who adds itself political linking and represents partial socialist positions, wrote beyond that narrations, satires, poems, novels as well as a Biografie over Erich Kästner.

Schneyder was occasionally than guest moderator in the Second Channel of German Television Sportstudio active. There it moderated in particular the critical yearly review: „The failed Sportstudio “. Schneyder was in former times Boxer and Ringrichter. Accordingly founded and pointed commentated it Boxkämpfe for the television, after it 1980 under the title „… over sport. To participate is not nothing at all “position had referred.


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