Werner Schwab

Werner Schwab (* 4. February 1958 in Graz; † 1. January 1994 in Graz) was a Austrian writer and man of letters.

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after the study of the sculpture at the academy of the forming arts in Vienna (1978 - 1982, among other things with Bruno Gironcoli) it lived first withdrawn on a farm in the south steiermark. There developed some „decaying sculptures “(predominantly from perishable materials such as meat and animal wastes) and performances, in addition, first summaries. Only 1990 it turned to the dramatic literature. His Erstling the presidents remained completely unconsidered, while the second piece predominance, unimportantly: Unform was torn up by the criticism. But already one year later developed the drama people destruction, which 1992 were shown at more than 40 German-language stages. Followed that further pieces of success, about Mesalliance and Hochschwab.

Its out bank that, excessive life-style led to an early death by an alcoholic poisoning on New Year morning of the yearly 1994.


already in the worker diaries, which it began as 22-jähriger, developed Schwab its own language, uninfluenced by the literature scene at that time. It perfected this language - under the designation “Swabian” entered literature history - in the dramas starting from 1990. With deftig strong expressions and skurrilen word connections he tried to unmask the beautiful-mental literature language and verhöhnen.

It was propelled in the short time, which was to it at the disposal, by a restless write illusion - nevertheless 16 evening-filling plays developed in four years (of which sieve only after its death their premiere experienced).

Bildneri work (selection)

  • Mail kind: Postcards, which Schwab with Janos Erdödy exchanged between 1978 and 1990. Each map was particularly arranged, partly as design, as picture or as Kollage
  • decaying sculptures, z. B. the series “meat, relief and texts”

literary work

  • literary performance
    • the alive is living lots and the music (1989, Graz)
  • dramas:
    • The presidents (1990, premiere in the house of artists, Vienna) - also as radio play
    • predominance, unimportantly: Unform (1991, Viennese Schauspielhaus)
    • people destruction or my liver is senselessly (1991, resident of Munich of chamber plays)
    • my dog mouth (1992, Viennese Schauspielhaus) - also as radio play
    • open one pits open windows. A case of Ersprechen (1992, Donaufestival Krems)
    • Mesalliance however we magnificently ( 1992, Schauspielhaus Graz)
    • the sky my dear my dying booty ( 1992, chamber theatre Stuttgart ) Pornogeographie
    • ficken themselves. Filters of rumors (1993, Thalia Graz)
    • finite dead finally no more air (1994, Saarland national theatre Saarbruecken)
    • fist: My thorax:: My helmet (1994, Hans petrol theatre potsdam)
    • Mariedl/Antiklima (x) (1994, free group of theatres in Hamburg)
    • escalation in a common manner. Sweat-box-vary in seven Affekten (1995, German Schauspielhaus Hamburg)
    • Troiluswahn and Cressidatheater (1995, Schauspielhaus Graz)
    • the attractive Reigen after the Reigen of the attractive Mr. Arthur Schnitzler (1996, Schauspielhaus Zurich)
    • Hochschwab (1996, Viennese Schauspielhaus)
  • Prosa:
    • In hard shoes (worker diary 1980 - to 83, given change 1999 from Inge-borrow Orthofer)
    • the dirt and property. Property and the dirt (2 essays, 1992)
    • waste, mountain country, Cäsar. A people collection (1992)


  • Gerhard fox, Paul Pechmann (Hg.): W. Schwab (2000)


  • before the performance of my first piece I was only once in the theatre - and in the break (Schwab in an interview)
  • confused and sadly the archaeology must be able to be as the uneingegrabene once over mine reproachful remainders (out: Waste, mountain country, Cäsar)

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