Wes Bentley

Wesley Cook Bentley (* 4. September 1978 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the USA) is an US-American actor.

Its it made first schauspielerischen going attempts on small art stages in Little skirt, before it changed on the renowned July pool of broadcasting corporations play school to New York. There it studied however only five months, in order to earn its living costs in the meantime as waiters in a restaurant on Long Iceland, where he was discovered by coincidence.

Differently the looking American actors recreating with its black hair and radiating blue eyes forms a pleasant alternation to the eternally similar blond transfer pictures of its generation. After its film debut with a smaller role in the tonuses Morrison - filming “the people child” it was noticeable to the broad public the first time in its amazingly transformationable role in SAM Mendes American Beauty , where it produced the alleged sample pupil, who huldigt besides with drugs dealt and by video camera its voyeuristischen inclinations opposite the neighbours, perfectly.

A further high point of its career formed the role of the “Jack Durrance”, a conformalistic Heldenidols in Shekar Kapurs the four feathers/springs, in which it a young officer during the Mahdi - rebellion 1885 plays. Owing to its nuancierten play and the good maskenbildnerischen achievement one recognizes him with the contemporary Bärtchen hardly again - he works rather like a Hollywood - actor from the 1930er - years, these ark types 19. Century amazingly close came.

By his occurrence in “the realm and the glory “ (“The Claim”), in which it a purposeful young railway engineer during gold fever in California 1849 explains, could one on the idea come that Bentley is fixed on history films primarily - there he however always kongeniale transformation abilities to the day put, this probably the case will not be. After weaker achievements, like in the inconsequential “Soul Survivors ", he than one is considered the hope-fullest Jungschauspieler of its generation, particularly since one already acted him due to its achievement in “American Beauty ” as a candidate for a OSCAR.


both parents are Prediger of the Methodists - municipality. It is married since 2001 with Jennifer Quanz.


  • “the people child” (“Beloved”) (direction: Jonathan Demme) (1998)
  • “Three Below Zero” (direction: Simon Aeby) (1998, documentation experiment)
  • American Beauty (direction: SAM Mendes) (1999)
  • “The White River Kid” (direction: Arne Glim) (2000)
  • “the realm and the glory “ (“The Claim”) (direction: Michael Winterbottom) (2000)
  • Soul Survivors " (direction: Stephen Carpenter) (2000)
  • Carving Out Our name " (direction: Tony Zierath) (2001)
  • the four feathers/springs (direction: Shekar Kapur) (2002)
  • The Game OF their live one " (direction: David Anspaugh) (2004)

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