Wesley La violet

Wesley La violet one (* 4. January 1894 in Saint James, Minnesota; † 29. July 1978 in Escondido, California) was an US-American composer.

There La violet one studied at the musical college of Chicago and informed from 1923 to 1933. Until 1938 it led the theory department of the De Paul University OF music. Afterwards it became director/conductor of the Allied kind centers in Los Angeles, where it informed starting from 1946 also at the conservatoire. It had also large influence on the jazz music scene of the west coast, to its pupils counted among other things Martin Denny and Jimmy Giuffre. La violet ones composed two operas, five symphonies, two Violinkonzerte, a concert for caper quartet and orchestra, chamber-musical works, Kantaten, choir works and songs.


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