Wesselin Topalow

Wesselin Topalow (Bulgarian ВеселинТопалов, wiss. Transliteration Veselin Topalov; * 15. March 1975 in Russian) is the current FIDE world champion.

With its victory with the FIDE WM-tournament in the Argentine San Luis 2005 it achieved the past high point of its career.

Wesselin Topalow

at the age of 8 years learned Wesselin Topalow chess and made unusually fast progress: in the year 1989 it won the U14-Weltmeisterschaft in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. 1992 he became large master.

Since center of the 90's it ranks among the superlarge masters and is owing to its compromiseless combat style a gladly seen participant with the present Top tournaments of the chess world. It had its longest success series in the year 1996, as it in Madrid (1. - 2.), Amsterdam (1. - 2.), León (1. - 2.), Nowgorod (1.), Vienna (1. - 3.) and DOS Hermanas (1. - 3.) triumphed. it arrived to 2002 in the Dortmunder Braingames Kandidatenturnier into the final match, in which it was subject Peter Leko with 1,5-2,5 (+1-2=1). One of the usually-commentated portions at all is its acceptance of Kasparovs tower victim 1999 in Wijk aan Zee.

The year 2005 extremely successfully passed for Topalow: in January it occupied Zee the exclusive 3 in Wijk aan. Place, behind Peter Leko and Viswanathan Anand, and defeated the acting world champion Vladimir stuff NIC with the black stones in 20 courses. One month later one of largest successes in its career, than it the “Wimbledon “of chess, succeeded to it the tournament in Linares, won (divided with Garri Kasparow, which it struck in the last round). In May 2005 it continued its victory series and won the world class tournament in Sofia with one point projection/lead on Viswanathan Anand. Here for the second time a victory with the black stones succeeded to it against Vladimir stuff NIC in this year.

Wesselin Topalow with its arrival in Sofia in October 2005 after the profit of the FIDE-WM

to date largest success celebrated Topalow at the beginning of of Octobers in San Luis (Argentina), when it succeeded to it to win for the first time since 1948 again the FIDE world championship out-played in a round tournament. It ranked among the favorites on the title and won the tournament in sovereign manners. By its projection/lead obtained in the first passage of the doppelrundigen tournament (it won 6 portions in the first passage and made a Remis) it was already certain a round before conclusion as a winner and became without defeat of new FIDE world champions.

After completion of the tournament Topalow mentioned by its manager Silvio Danailow that he was ready for a match (however not around the WM-title) against the world champion in “classical” chess, Vladimir stuff NIC. Stuff NIC for his part, which regards itself as a “correct” world champion, offered a combination match to Topalow.

He could celebrate a further large success in January 2006, when he won the point tournament Corus Wijk aan Zee as well as Viswanathan Anand. In April it won a match in Bucharest against the European champion Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu with 3-1.

Current Elo number: 2804 (conditions: April 2006); thus Topalow is the No. 1 of the world rank list.


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