Weston Adam

Sir Weston W. Adam (* 9. August 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts; † 19. March 1973) was the son of Charles Adam and is enough for president and chairman of the board the bad clay/tone Bruins.

1932 he became a president the bad clay/tone of tiger in the Canadian American Hockey League and 1936 transferred he the bad clay/tone Bruins in that national Hockey League of its father Charles Adam.

During its time with the Bruins, the team always terminated the NHL from 1937/38 to 1940/41 at place one and won the Stanley Cup 1939 and 1941. As the Second World War joined it began the army as a naval commander.

After the war Adam first Talentscout was in North America and became 1956 chairmen of the board of the Bruins. From 1964 to 1969 he was a president and in this time became players such as Bobby Orr, Wayne Cashman, Dallas Smith, Don Awrey, Don Marcotte, Derek Sanderson and Eddie west case for the team gedrafted. It developed the concept of the sixth aggressor (the Torwart is taken out here in favor of a sixth field player) and secured the important connections between the bad clay/tone good (AHL) and the Bruins, since those had lost good by the enlargement of the NHL many players to the Bruins.

Adam withdrew 1970 as a president and handed the office over to its son Weston Adam, Jr.

It 1972 with the admission honoured into the Hockey resound to OF Fame.

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