FCI - standard Nr.221
patronage the Netherlands
classification FCI
  • group of 8 Apportierhunde, Stöberhunde, water dogs.
  • Section 3 water dogs
race names according to FCI Wetterhound (Friesi water dog)
other names Wetterhoun
Widerristhöhe Rüde 59 cm, dog 55 cm
weight instructions
list of the dog races

of the Wetterhond - also Wetterhoun or Friesi water dog - is not one of the FCI (Nr.221, Gr.8, Sek.3) recognized Netherlands dog race

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origin and historical

the Wetterhoun is a water dog in the classical sense. Probably it decreases/goes back to much older water dogs, begun with the Portuguese water dog. A further line of ancestors points to Eastern Europe, the Curly Coated Retriever is to belong to its direct ancestors. Both avowedly its lured, persianerartige skin. The race is relatively old. „Weather “is the friesische word for water.


the remarkable at the Wetterhoun large up to 59 cm is its persianerartig lured skin, the hair is halflong and lures rests very closely against the body, it is easily oilily, thus outstanding for the work in the water suitable. The color is black or brown, also with badges. Its ears are thin and rest against the head. The rod is carried small ELT, upright on the back.


very durable, vierschrötiger dog with an expressed „thick head “, it is opposite reserved, friendly and reliably strangers opposite its reference persons. He is not simple to educate, he needs a penetrationable hand and above all patience.

in former times

it was set for use on Fischotter, later with the drastic decrease of the Fischotter also on other robbers like the Iltis, even on wild ores Hauskatzen. Today it has the task to catch in the context of the dyke care Bisamratten.

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