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of the Viennese AF (written out Viennese Associationfootball club) was a soccer association from Vienna in Austria and existed from 1910 to 2004.

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was created

establishment history the football club in September 1910 as nearly the entire first crew of the Viennese AC from their club withdrew and with the “Viennese Associationfootball club” a new association in the life called. The former players of the Viennese AC selected this name with consideration, should the abbreviation of the again-created association in competition nevertheless to the old master club again WA C result in. The journalists and trailer of the club arranged the association name however into “Viennese Association football club”, from which late usual designation become the WA F came out. The association colors of the association were specified with blue and yellow. The WAF became to 21. September 1910 into the 1. Viennese class taken up and was thereby in the subsequent season 1911/12 one of the initial members of the first official Viennese (Austrian) football championship.

the Viennese AF with the profit of the football championship of 1914 celebrated successes largest successes, when one displaced the championship favorite sports club rapidly Vienna with point equality only due to the better gate relationship of the table point. Likewise milestones in the history of the association were the vice-master titles of 1913 and 1915. After these three so successful years the Viennese AF had to wait until 1923 for the next title. It got itself these with the cup victory to 2. July 1922, where in the final on the high control room of the Viennese amateur sports association (late fiber plastic Austria Vienna) was defeated by gates by Fischera and small with 2:1.

the years in the 2. League

of the WAF kept itself altogether until 1924, thus 13 Saisonen long, in the 1. Viennese class, the Austrian football league höchten at that time. After the descent into the 2. Class was missed the immediate reclimb in the season 1924/25 only around three points. Also in the subsequent season the WAF played only third rank out and fused therefore 1927 with the sports club internationally Vienna to the IAF Vienna. The again-created association let it miss however at play strength and deduced in such a way it already one year, 1928 to a play community with sports club Libertas Vienna under the name IAF Libertas Vienna. The play community reached only the disappoint-disappointing those 11. Rank and the responsible persons solved these after the season 1927/28.

between Unterliga and Viennese league

with this dissolution was again-created the WAF under its name and entered in a lower play class again as own association into the championship happening. Despite its great past it succeeded to never ascend the Viennese AF more into the highest play class. Only with the Meistertitel of the Viennese Unterliga B in the season 1974/75 the association schnupperte again air in the upper leagues. From 1975/76 to 1992/93 the WAF in the Viennese league held itself, at that time occasionally third and/or. fourth performance level in the Austrian football represented. After the descent 1992/93 the association 1993/94 created the immediate reclimb, rose as 16. in the season 1994/95 however immediately again into the Viennese upper league B off. There the Viennese AF up to its dissolution remained in the year 2004.

eventful name history

in the years between 1973 and 2004 stepped the WAF under different names into feature. 1973 came it to a fusion with the unterklassigen club Leopoldstadt and to the name change into WAF KL Leopoldstadt (Vienna). From 1977 to 1981 it gave a play community with the association to new Christian under the name WAFKL/Neuchrist Vienna. After solution of the play community the association from 1981 to 1983 began as WAF Leopoldstadt . From 1984 to 1993 the WAF under the name FKL wows Vienna and WAFKL wow Vienna in the Viennese league played. 1994 one finally returned to the association seed WAF Leopoldstadt (Vienna) , played however also as WAF Procar in the championship. 2002-2004 the association played the last two Saisonen again under the designation WAF in the Viennese upper league B (5. Play stage), before the association at the end of the season 2003/04 from the championship withdrew itself and stopped the play enterprise.

acquaintance player

  • Österreicher Johann Andres
  • Österreicher Leopold Bode
  • Österreicher Josef Brandstätter
  • Österreicher Adolf Fischera
  • Österreicher Maximilian gold
  • Österreicher Josef Haist
  • Österreicher Franz Heinzl
  • Österreicher George hot
  • Österreicher Josef Horejs
  • Österreicher Ludwig Jetzinger
  • Österreicher Johann black II
  • Österreicher Franz Sedlacek
  • Österreicher Josef Stürmer
  • Österreicher Felix Tekusch
  • Österreicher Karl Tekusch

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