Viennese circle

of the Viennese circle was a group of philosophers and science theoreticians, whom starting from 1922 under the direction of Moritz mud met weekly in Vienna. The meetings ended 1936, after mud had been shot by his former student Hans Nelböck. Many membersthe circle still left Austria during the illegal ascent of the Nazis before the connection, so that the circle dissolved up to the year 1936.

The philosophical beginning of the circle became under the designation logical Empirismus (also “logical positivism “or Neopositivismus) admits. Itjoke gene stone, with which some members of the circle met for some time also regularly, was affected Bertrand Russell , George Edward moorlands, David Hilbert , Henri Poincaré , Albert Einstein , Karl Popper and God praise Frege by Ludwig.

Admitted members the circlewere Rudolf Carnap, Otto Neurath, harsh ore Feigl, Philipp franc, Friedrich wais man, Stefan Schmitz and Hans's cock. It occasionally visited of Hans's realm brook, briefly Gödel, Carl Gustav Hempel, Alfred Tarski, wanting pool of broadcasting corporations Van Orman Quine and Alfred Jules Ayer, which admits its work in Great Britain made. Karl Popper was important, although he never participated in the meetings of the circle, for the admission and criticism of its works.

Since 1991 exists itself Institut Viennese circle, the documentation in Vienna,Study and advancement of the philosophy of the Viennese of circle dedicate.


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