Viennese October rebellion 1848

the Viennese October rebellion 1848, often also „Viennese October Revolution “mentioned, was the last collection of the Austrian revolution 1848.

As to 6. Octobers 1848 from Vienna imperial Austrian troops against the insurgent Hungary to pull should, tried with the Hungarysympathizing Viennese worker, student and meuternden troops the Abmarsch to prevent. It came to road fights, whereby even in the step Hans cathedral blood was poured; War Minister Theodor count Baillet von Latour was lynched by the quantity. The yard fled with emperor Ferdinand to 7. October after Olmütz, Reichstag became to 22. October after Kremsier (Kroměříž) shifts.

Under the guidance of the generals Alfred I. Prince to Windisch Graetz and count Joseph Jellačić of Bužim began to 26. October Austrian and Croatian military with the bombardment of Vienna and conquered to 31. October the internal city. The Polish general Josef Bem led the defenders. Cäsar Wenzel of fair houses, an important leader of the insurgent ones, the journalists Alfred Julius cup and Hermann Jellinek as well as that the left wing of the liberals assigned delegates of the Frankfurt national assembly Robert Bluemin the days following on it were executed; approximately 2000 humans were with the fights please.

The achievements of the March revolution were involved mostly lost and to Austria occurred the phase of the Neoabsolutismus .

See also: March revolution, Unterartikel Austria, the revolution of 1848/49 in the KaisertumAustria

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