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the Viennese state opera (in former times k.k. Yard opera), the “first house at the ring “, is the most important opera house of Vienna and one the most well-known world. From the members of the state opera orchestra also the Viennese Philharmonics recruit themselves.

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opera house around 1900

the building became as the first from thatViennese urban extension rear denied monumental building of the struggle race in the year 1860 publicized. Already at the end of of 1861 began the 1869 finished building after plans - connected of the also privately with one another and together in a house in 6. District living - architect August Sicard of Sicardsburg and Eduard van thatZero in the style of the Neorenaissance. The building became not very estimated however from the public. On the one hand it could unfold its monumental effect not correct opposite the enormous Heinrichshof , a private interest house ( destroyed in the Second World War and replaced 1955 by the opera ring yard). On the other hand became,after the struggle race level before the opera was lifted after commencement of construction around a meter, this as “sunk crate” and - in analogy to the military disaster of 1866 - “Königgrätz of the architecture " violently criticizes and floated finally van the zero into free death. Knappe 10 weekslater Sicardsburg succumbed to a cardiac infarct; thus none of the two architects experienced the completion.

The opening premiere was Don Giovanni of Mozart to 15. May 1869. 1920 took place renaming of “yard opera” to “state opera”. Toward end of the Second World War to 12. March 1945 turned out the operaafter American Bombardements, which actually applied the refinery in Floridsdorf, in fire. The front front, which was already as a precaution bricked, remained. Spectator ranks and the stage however a robbery of the flames became. Long time gave it to discussions whether the opera again in the original conditionto be developed should be geschleift or and again be developed here or at another place is. Finally the idea of the reconstruction became generally accepted. The reconstruction Minister at that time Udo Illig was considerably involved. A political decision met Leopold Figl 1946 with the goal, 1949 oneto be able to open tapable opera again. An architectural competition was written out, Erich Boltenstern won. The submitted suggestions reached from a complete reorganization of the auditorium up to a re-establishment of the original condition. Boltenstern decided for a re-establishment with simultaneous modernization of the stylistic idiom in the spirit that1950er years. In order to achieve good acoustics, became - among other things on suggestion of Arturo Toscanini - above all wood uses. In addition in the Parterre the seats were reduced and fourth rank equipped before with columns was arranged open. The front as well as the entrance hall and over itthe shrinking entrance hall in such a way specified (with Fresken of Moritz of shrink) from bomb hits had been exempted and remained in the original style of historicism.

In the meantime the opera ensemble, which evaded for the time being into the Viennese people opera, led the samples and performances in since longerTime closed theatres at that Vienna through, where already at the 1. May 1945 - when after the release from the Nazi rule also the Republic of Austria existed again - the first conceptions was given. 1947 already accomplished the ensemble a Auslandstournée to London .

Due to thatdesolate conditions at the theatre at that Vienna tried the opera line at that time to lukrieren financial means. Many donations of private people came. In addition, the Soviets showed large interest in the reconstruction of the opera and donated building material.

But 1949 were established a straight emergency roof over the opera,the reconstruction still persisted. Only to 5. November 1955, thus after the convention, could again be opened the state opera with Fidelio of Ludwig van Beethoven under the direction of Karl Böhm. As a visitor was also the American Aussenmister at that time John F. Dullespresent. Also the ORF used the opening for one of its first live transmissions at a time, in that it only approx. 800 televisions in completely Austria gave.

The ensemble held together up to the opening zerbröckelte in the coming years appreciably and an international ensemble formed again.

After 1945 developed Viennese the Mozart ensemble , which completed and for its special singing and play culture was praised world-wide appearances. Its founder and Mentor was the Austrian conductor Josef Krips, that due to its Jewish origin the Nazi period only by lucky coincidence and assistancefrom colleagues had survived. Immediately after 1945 Krips began the work of reconstruction at the state opera and could its aesthetic principles implement. In addition the break with the romantic Mozart ideal with voluminösem orchestra sound counted. Instead again chamber-musical qualities came to carrying as well as more transparent, more easily sound, later forone kept typically wienerisch. Substantial singers were Erich Kunz, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Wilma Lipp among other things Already 1947 gastierte the Mozart ensemble at the Covent guards opera in London with the Mozarts Don Giovanni. There deaf one sang again that to the smelling pool of broadcasting corporations fled before the Nazis Don Ottavio. Three months later deaf one died, and there it became known that he confessed, to specify in order to fulfill itself the dream again with the state opera Mozart only with a half lung on the stage. Many other artists became with the Mozart ensemblebrought in connection, z. B., But they played Karl Böhm a rather peripheral role therein by continuing the work of others only. For Krips this was at the beginning of its world career, which brought it to the most important opera houses to the world. Up to its death 1974 were considered to Krips as one the most important Maestri of the state opera.


interior opinion, Proszenium and ranks

the Viennese state opera has a repertoire system: over 50 productions stand on the play plan. Therefore the house can be taped ten months in the year almost daily with operas.

Harsh ore of Karajan introduced the principle to its management time to specify operas exclusively in the source language. In addition main header it the up to then valid ensemble principle with only isolated guest singers up and began to engage the internationally best singers to the state State of whereby mostly only thosesmaller portions from the ensemble were occupied. At that time a co-operation began with the citizens of Milan Scala, which referred to productions likewise as to occupations. The most important members of the Viennese state opera arose now also in Milan, particularly with works of Wolfgang AmadeusMozart.

Star occupations introduced by Karajan prevail until today at the state opera forwards. Large artists arose here, to singers of Maria Callas to Jessye Norman as well as Agnes Baltsa and of Renata Tebaldi as well as Leonie Rysanek to Anna Netrebko and Angelika Kirchschlager, singer of Giuseppe di Stefano to Luciano Pavarotti as well as Juan Diego Florez and of Ettore Bastianini as well as Eberhard guard to Bryn Terfel and Thomas Hampson. Among the conductors is Erich nuthatch, Ernest Ansermet, Hans's RTS shrubshrub RTS shrubs, Rudolf Moralt, Fritz pure, Gianandrea Gavazzeni, Antonino Votto, Tullio Serafin, Heinrich Hollreiser, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Igor Strawinsky, Paul Hindemith, Michael Gielen, Pierre Monteux, Robert pride, André Cluytens, Leonard amber, Carlo's nuthatch, Riccardo Muti, Gerd Albrecht, Alberto Zedda, George Solti, Riccardo Chailly, refuge stone, Nello Santi, Francesco Molinari Pradelli, Erich flax village, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Colin Davis, Christoph of Dohnányi, Giuseppe Sinopoli, Arnold Östman, John Eliot servant, Roger Norrington, Christian Thielemann, Daniele Gatti. Productions and. A. from Margarethe barrier man, Josef Gielen, how/as country Wagner, Luchino Visconti, Franco Zeffirelli, Otto give, August Everding, Vaclav Kaslik, Jorge Lavelli, Götz Friedrich, Tom O'Horgan, Dieter thorn, Piero Faggioni, Gian Carlo Menotti, Giulio Chazalettes, Peter Wood, Harold Prince, Giorgio Strehler, Jean Pierre Ponnelle, Ken Russell, Ruth mountain building, Harry copper, Antoine Vitez, Luca Ronconi, Alfred Kirchner, Johannes Schaaf, Giancarlo delMonaco, jetty Luigi Pizzi, Karl seriousness gentleman Mr., Jürgen Flimm, Istvan Szabo, Hans's new rock, harsh ore who-nods, Christine Mielitz, Peter Stein or David Pountney was at this opera theatre to be seen.

With beginning of the season 2005-2006 the Ballettcompagnien of the state opera becameand the people opera posed under the common direction of Gyula Harangozó. Thus a reduction of the respective ensembles was connected. In the ballet performances of the state opera now strengthens international of guest star begun.

season 2006/2007

in the season 2006/2007 are at the state opera five new productionsin the main house, a premiere in the child opera tent as well as some resumptions planned. Those only premiere to 25. October applies for Giuseppe this Otello under the direction of Daniele Gatti, direction leads Christine Mielitz; with Johan Botha in the title portion, Falk Struckmann as Jago as well as Krassimira Stoyanova as Desdemona).

To 9. December is the premiere of bunch' Arabella with the conductor Franz Welser Möst, the direction of Sven Eric Bechtolf, the sceneries of Rolf sliding mountain and the costumes of Marianne sliding mountain. In the main portions Adrianne Pieczonka ( Arabella) become, Genia cow Meier (Zdenka), Unfortunate ( Matteo) arise to Thomas Hampson ( Mandryka) and Michael. At the 3. March 2007 follows the first new production of Jules Massenets Manon since 1971: Under the conductor Bertrand de Billy as well as that the direction of Andrei Serban sings Anna Netrebko the title portion, in addition are Roberto Alagna (ChevalierThe Grieux) and Adrian Eröd (Lescaut) set.

At the 1. April 2007 finds the premiere of Gaetano Donizettis La Fille you to Régiment under the conductor Yves Abel and the director Laurent Pelly instead of (Koproduktion with the Covent guards Opera London and the New Yorker metropolitan opera).Beside Natalie Dessay as Marie sings Juan Diego Flórez to the Tonio, Carlo Álvarez the Sulpice and Montserrat Caballé as Duchesse de Crakentorp.

The last new production of the season 2006/07 is Boris Godunow of Modest Mussorgsky to 28. May. The musical line lies with Daniele Gatti, forthe production will be responsible Willy Decker. Ferruccio Furlanetto (Boris Godunow), Jorma Silvasti (Schuiskij), Robert Holl (Pimen), Clifton Forbis (Grigori), Olga Borodina (Marina) and Falk Struckmann (Rangoni) form occupation.

Mira of praise Kinderbuch “the Omama in the apple tree “was collecting main for Elizabeth Naskes of the same nameChild opera, those as spreading unit of the Viennese state opera to 15. April 2007 in world premiere will experience. Juvenilia Bastien and Bastienne before already becomes at the same place Mozart's (starting from 24. September) resumed.

Further resumptions are: Donizettis Roberto Devereux with Edita Gruberova as Elisabetta (starting from 16. September), GiuseppeThis I vespri siciliani (starting from 23. September) as well as Jacques of open brook Les Contes d'Hoffmann (starting from 7. June). In addition still the Mozarts Idomeneo come in the theatre at that Vienna starting from 17. Jänner 2007. In addition 5 is to. December Mozart Requiem under Christian Thielemann, to 17. May Gustav Mahlers2. Symphonie under Seiji Ozawa as well as to 26. October the concert for Austria planned, with which Nikolaus Harnoncourt will direct the Viennese Philharmonics.

the opera ball

an internationally well-known meeting is the opera ball, which takes place annually on last Thursday in the carnival. ThatOpera ball attracts regularly guests from all world, particularly from the range from economics and politics and by a broad medium reporting is accompanied.

the opera house and the children

the Viennese state opera are considered as particularly child friendly: it is getting since the management(father from three children is) well-known for their frequent performances of child-fair productions, which take place in a particularly designed tent on the roof, in the child opera. Examples of it are for instance the operas Peter Pan, the Traumfresserchen or the 35. May. In additioneach year a performance of the magic flute for 9-10-jährige of children in the decoration of the opera ball takes place. In addition the opera house for boys and girls offers its own opera school, which is to be completed beside a regular school in the afternoon between 8-14 years. The children become educationally expertto the concert hall advanced as well as for a possible occupational aspiration as singers sensitizes. The state opera rekturiert for their productions the actors for child roles from this opera school.

the standing place being located in the Viennese state State of

direct before the performances favorable standing reservation tickets are to be acquired,To spectators of each age group likes are. These Stehplätze have meanwhile nearly legendary regular customers, as well as which are considered as merciless their displeasure particularly loud and unmistakably expresses -- in addition, agrees to loudest one its opinion after successful performance.

the new indicator

everythingPerformances of the Viennese state opera are rezensiert in the opera magazine published by an independent association „the new indicator “. This is world-wide singular: other opera magazines concentrate almost exclusively on new productions and premieres. The magazine has also an on-line version, which is to be read under


directors of the state opera and/or. Yard opera were

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