Viennese forest

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Viennese forest

situation of the Viennese forest within the east alps
situation: Lower Austria, Vienna
of highest summits: Schöpfl (893 m)
Coordinates: 48° 5 ′ 14 " N, 15° 54 ′ 43 " O
48° 5 ′ 14 "N, 15° 54 ′ 43 " O

The Viennese forest is a wooded northeast Ausläufer of the alps in Lower Austria and Vienna and local recreation area for Vienna. This region, with a surface of 105.645 hectares, is protected by nature forest reservations , Natura 2000 , nature protection law , landscape protection law and since 2005 invon για να δώσει την ΟΥΝΕΣΚΟ στο anerkannter Biosphärenpark.

The centralmountain-like minted area is in the eastern Lower Austria, at the border between Mostviertel ( the quarter upper the Viennese forest) and industrial quarter ( the quarter under the Viennese forest) with altitudes between 300-900 m, as well as parts of the VienneseForest and meadow belt in the western peripheral areas, like the Schwarzenberg park and the Lainzer zoo.

In the east it limited by the hot spring line and/or. Viennese the basin,in the south by the Triesting and Gölsen,in the west of the large Tulln and the Traisen, in the north of Tullnerfeld, Danube and the Viennese gate.

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Wienerwald in Holzschlag.
Viennese forest in wood impact.

The highest collections in the Viennese forest are with 893 m, which is to the Flyschzone sandstone belonging Schöpfl on that the Leopold Figl observatory, and which high Lindkogel with 834 m, Gföhlberg (885 m) and Peilstein belonging to the northern lime alps, (716 m). The highestMountain on Viennese Gemeindegebiet is the Hermannskogel with 542 M. A salient mountain is also the three-boundary stone with 454 m, which forms the border between the Viennese districts Hernals and Döbling and the down-Austrian place Weidling. In order to interconnect the individual valleys, it givessome, if also not high, passport roads, like the court mountain, the small Semmering, the Hafnerberg, the Hengstl or also the neck. There are also some caves in the Viennese forest, for example the Dreidärrischenhöhle in Gaaden, the Arnsteinhöhle with Maria Raisenmarkt, and those Tropfsteinhöhle all and.


Typische Schirmföhre im Wienerwald (bei Mödling)
typical Schirmföhre in the Viennese forest (with Mödling)

is essentially determined the Viennese forest by the Atlantic coined/shaped transition climate. At the hot spring line pannonisches partly climate already alpine in the gebirgigen south prevails. Particularly the northern Viennese forest forms a weather sheath. Thus the rain clouds coming from the west often stop raining at the northwest edge. Formation of fog also intensified is to be registered there and in such a way forms particularly on the Viennese outer ring motorway quite often traffic conditions bad with Hochstrass in 553 m height.


Wienerwald bei Breitenfurt.
Viennese forest with width ford.

In the north (Flysch - Viennese forest) the Viennese forest exhibits to 77% hardwood forest existence (above all beech, oak and Hainbuche), in the southeast (lime - Viennese forest) to approximately 46% coniferous forest existence (Föhre, spruce, Schwarzkiefer, fir and larch); at the east slopes of the Viennese forest growsWine. In the Viennese forest among other things the protected areas Lainzer zoo, Föhrenberge , savings brook , Eichenhain and Purkersdorf lie. Long time was the Viennese forest spell forest and landesfürstliches hunting ground; in the years Josef Schöffel the Viennese forest saved 1870 -72 from clearing. Today is the Viennese forestby the laws mentioned above protected. From the entire Viennese Gemeindegebiet is wooded the half surface.


the upper run of the Schwechat.

Rivers in the Viennese forest are those Vienna, the Liesing, the Mödlingbach, the Schwechat and the Triesting eastward, northwardthe large and the small Tulln, as well as the Hagenbach and the Weidlingbach, which flow all in the long run into the Danube.

the west course of the ÖBB, west motorway ( A1 ) and the connecting piece leading across all and lead traffic by the Viennese forest between west and Southern highway, the Viennese outer ring motorway (A21). A spareless painted building project was the Viennese forest motorway S43, which should form a northwest by-pass of Vienna. In order the west course in the process Viennese forest, which represents an obstacle for express trains, to accelerate, is at present the Viennese forest tunnel under the northernViennese forest in the building.

Locally several motorbus lines operate in the context of the BEFORE.


Wanderweg und Wegweiser am Bergsattel bei Maria Raisenmarkt
moving way and signpost/guide at the col with Maria Raisenmarkt

important one of places at and in the Viennese forest are among other things monastery new castle, Purkersdorf, press tree, all and, bath Vöslau, bathing, Gumpoldskirchen, Mödling, Brunn at the mountains and Perchtoldsdorf.


age mine lug in the book mountain in all and
old person cattle-soak

in numerous places and sand and crushed stone one diminishes. The earlier gypsum lug of the Seegrotte in Hinterbrühl became in the third realm thanFactory for combat aircraft used. Today the developed underground lake is a popular trip goal and looking cave. The Seegrotte was however not the only gypsum dismantling. Numerous dismantling places, from which only more one in Preinsfeld with holy cross in enterprise is, in addition, of lime production led also to the establishmentof furnaces, where the gypsum and the lime were burned.

Along the river courses developed at the latest in the Industriellen revolution mills and Schmieden the partial today than High Tech enterprise z. B. are successfully in Berne village active. The districts Mödling and bathing take in account over 6.000active operating locations beside the districts pc. City and country polarized to those with most in Lower Austria. Also in the district vienna environment gives it a great many enterprises, less in the Tulln and very few in lily field. Apart from trades, trade, handicraft and service it givesmuch tourism and catering trade - from the mountain hut to Cuisine struck. In the conventional Meier city bathing is the gaming house of the Casinos Austria and the health spas an important factor. In addition, the daily and week final tourism from Vienna play a large role.

Agriculturally the Voralpengebiet pointsand the alpine east edge by their altitude (enterprises until 1100 m sea-height), by steep surfaces and seichtgründige soils relatively unfavorable production conditions up. With high precipitation this therefore typical grassland areas are, only about. 20% of the agricultural surfaces are used as fields (Voralpengebiet and Viennese forest alsothroughout milk cattle). At the alpine east edge with less precipitation dominate mixed enterprises with higher field portion. Here milk cattle enterprises with rising mast cattle portion are typical. At the hot spring line, particularly in the places Gumpoldskirchen, Sooss and bath Vöslau, is the viticulture of of great importance. Forestry, riding and Biological cultivation round the power spectrum off.

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see history of the Viennese forest, history of Lower Austria.


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