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Langschwanzwiesel (Mustela frenata)
Long tail weasels (Mustela frenata)

as weasels are designated several robbery animal species from the kind Mustela within the family of the Marder (Mustelidae). The designation is however no systematic, there several „weasels “for exampleare more near related to the European mink than among themselves. In Europe two kinds are resident, the mouse weasel and the Hermelin.

All together they exhibit an elongated, slim body with short member masses, also the tail are relatively short. They are rather small, with the mouse weaselthe smallest representative of the Raubtiere ranks at all among them. Their skin is in most cases brown colored, the lower surface is often more brightly, sometimes white. With some kinds it comes to a seasonally caused skin change.

Weasels live usually einzelgängerisch and are predominantdawn or night-actively. They are skillful, aggressive hunters, that often tear booty animals, which are as largely as it or even larger. Small mammals such as rodents and hare-well-behaved constitute a property part of the booty spectrum with many kinds, in addition, birds and other vertebrate animals can on their food planstand.

The following kinds are called weasels:

these five kinds are related closely with one another and form the Untergattung Mustela.

these four kinds are more near related to the European mink and in the Untergattung Lutreola are arranged.

, the South American weasels (Grammogale) forms Colombian weasel ( Mustela felipei).

Others „weasels “, which are not ranked among the kind Mustela, are:

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