Wietse van Alten

Wietse Cornelis van Alten (* 24. September 1978 in Zaandam) is Netherlands elbow contactors. He is bronze medal winner with the olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney.

Van Alten began at the age of seven years with the elbow shooting.

The first large international match, in which van Alten participated, was the world championship 1999. There it became figure eight and secured with this placement for the Netherlands a starting point with the olympic plays 2000.

Into Sydney van Alten penetrated surprisingly into the semi-final. There it was subject however to the later olympia winner Simon Fairweather from Australia. In the fight for place 3 obtained van Alten then however in the duel with Sweden Magnus Petersson with 114 points from 12 arrows the highest score of the entire tournament and won the first medal for the Netherlands in the elbow shooting since 1920. In the crew competition it became with the Netherlands team ninth.

An injury and thereupon necessary operation at the elbow forced it 2001 to a break. 2003 celebrated van Alten with the world championship in New York with two sixth places in the single and in the crew competition a successful comeback.

With the olympic plays 2004 in Athens to the defense its bronze medal began van Alten in the single competition. After the qualification it was with 661 points from 72 arrows on rank 14. In the round of the last 64 it won its duel with Ricardo Merlos from El Salvador scarcely with 152:151. In the second round it was subject then however to the Italian Ilario di Buo with 160:164 and separated. In the final account place 27 occupied van Alten.

Better it ran together with its team colleagues Pieter Custers and Ron van hopes. In the crew competition they reached place 5.

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