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Wiglaf Droste (* 27. June 1961 in Herford) is a German journalist, Satiriker, a writer and a singer.
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Wiglaf Droste went to the attendance of the High School 1983 to Berlin. A study of journalism and communication sciences he broke off after short time and worked until 1985 in various helping out jobs. Subsequently, it wrote contributions for „to splinter duration the people sheet “, the citizen of Berlin „tip “and „the daily paper (taz) “. 1987 it was active for short time in a Düsseldorfer advertising agency, returned then again to Berlin . With „taz “he became an editor of the medium side. The responsibility for the medium side was however extracted from it, after in the expenditure to the woman day to 8. March 1988 a largely opened contribution had appeared „the Fotofix Fick “on the side, which was illustrated with a banana plugged into a Vagina. Droste left taz soon thereafter and is since then active as a free writer.

Droste of written occasional contributions for the West German broadcast, was from 1989 to 1991 editor of the satire magazine „Titanic “, created 1991 with Michael stone „the Benno Ohnesorgtheatre “and arises on reader iron as well as singer with that volume „Spardosen Terzett “. In addition it writes a weekly column in „the daily paper “and irregularly for „young world “.

Droste is considered as one the compromise-loosest Satiriker in this country; its violent refusal politically and world-descriptive consent and fashionable twaddle led, particularly because of Drostes extremely zynischer diction, already frequently to conflicts with its “victims” like „autonomous ones “ and tool NIST inside. Because of together with Gerhard the Henschel sow-Irish crime films that wrote bar beer of Bebra, in which a series murderer among other things also Wolfgang Thierse, Rainer Eppelmann and Jürgen fox fall to the victim, came it to a scandal, as if some politicians from East Germany Droste call to the murder subordinated. On the other hand the author 2003 received the Ben Witter price expressly for its Dissidententum and its polished Prosa, which represent best newspaper art” according to statement of the jury “.

In the year 2005 Wiglaf Droste received the Annette of Droste Hülshoff price. The jury praised extent and quality of its work, „for an sow-Irish German-speaking author of its generation to be unique might “. Its texts are „linguistic cabinet bits of high literary rank “.


Wiglaf Droste has two brothers and sisters, the older brother Beowulf Droste and the younger brother Finn Droste. According to Wiglaf Droste had its father, Otto Droste, a preference for special names.


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  • Wiglaf Droste - its most beautiful successes, Bremen 1993 (CD)
  • the heavy years starting from thirty-three, 1995 (CD)
  • why all olive are called sudden?, 1996 (CD)
  • Mariscos y of maricones, Zurich 1999 (CD)
  • always, Munich 2000 (CD)
  • the Paradies are not Evangelist motorway church, 2001 (2 CDs)
  • Voltaire: Candide, Munich 2002 (3 CDs)
  • clouds ziehn, Bochum 2002 (CD)
  • the large IchundDu, Munich 2003 (CD)
  • I owes an engine driver a birth, 2003 (CD)
  • of the bar on the forest hereditary universe. Hacks and Anverwandtes. with amber, Droste, how/as country and music of Petrowsky, 2004 (CD)
  • Westfalian Alien, 2005 (CD)

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