Wild creatures

film data
of German titles: Wild creatures
original titles: Fierce Creatures
production country: The USA/Great Britain
feature year: 1997
length (PAL - DVD): 89 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Fred Schepisi,
Robert Young
film script: John Cleese,
Iain John clay/tone,
William Goldman
production: Steve Abbott,
John Cleese
music: Jerry Goldsmith
camera: Ian Baker,
Adrian Biddle
cut: Robert Gibson

savage creatures (original titles: Fierce Creatures) is a US-American-British film comedy from the year 1997. Fred Schepisi and Robert Young, the film script led direction wrote John Cleese, Iain John clay/tone and William Goldman. The main roles played John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline.

Table of contents


a dangerous, human being-corrosive Lemur

of the Marwood - zoo in close proximity to London becomes to the enterprise Octopus Inc. sold. The owner of Octopus Inc., Rod McCain requires that all enterprises of its company gain a high net yield. In order to reach this, only deadly and dangerous animals in the Marwood zoo are to be presented, since these are regarded as public-more effective. The ambitious Managerin Willa Weston and the son of the boss, Vince, is assigned, to ensure the conversion of the defaults.

As some animals of the zoo as too harmless and too little public-effectively to be classified the director of the zoo Rollo Lee is to kill her. As turns out later, Lee hides the animals in the own dwelling. The other animals become among other things represented by pretended accidents as very dangerous.

When Lee with Weston and Vince McCain telephones, he calls some the hidden animals with its female names, in order to prevent these from disturbing. Weston and McCain are convinced, in Lees dwelling a Orgie would take place. They come to England. Somewhat late wars Lees coworker out that the allegedly killed animals in reality live. Weston and McCain see, how two young women from gratitude Rollo kiss. McCain is disgusted and warns Lee, Weston is fascinated.

It turns out that Vince McCain stole a part of the conversion. When his traveled father experiences this and threatens, to enterben this shoots its son him. With the assistance of the coworkers of the zoo Vince succeed in spending itself in relation to the police on its father.

Weston and Lee become pair. In the last scene Rollo Willa kisses, admits it already for a long time no relationship with a woman to have had.


the magazine Cinema 06/1997 called the film a rapid fun. TV Movie 13/1997 compared it also a fish named Wanda, which she found as better successfully.

background and trivia

numerous actors such as John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin co-operated in former times with the film a fish named Wanda , the action exhibits however no thing in common with the earlier film. The role Rollo of the Lee is a Hommage to the founder of the jersey zoo Gerald Durrell.

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