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the game west novel (Westernroman, Wildwester) has an origin in the American Dime Novels 19. Century. In addition it decreases/goes back in addition, to the European adventure novel . The designation “Wildwester” was particularly in 1950er years as name for Westernbücher, - novel-attached and - films common.

GERSTÄCKER, Hell und Dunkel (Verlag: Neufeld & Henius, um 1900)
MORE GERSTÄCKER, bright and darkness (publishing house: To new field & Henius, around 1900)

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already soon after its Erstveröffentlichung James Fenimore Coopers polishing with a leather trunk stories in German translation were published. In 19. Then also German-speaking authors, described like Charles Sealsfield, took up century Friedrich Gerstäcker or Balduin Möllhausen the America topic and in its novels and narrations the life to the American Frontier. Their works, originally intended for a grown-up public, were taken up by the readers well and found numerous imitators, from whom as a most important probably Karl May is to be called. Many texts were worked on for young person and also in child and youth literature specialized the authors of the second half 19. Century told again and again of Indians and Trappern. Beside aufwändig arranged expenditures for book (e.g. from Franz Treller or Sophie Wörishöffer) were Indian adventures also in the numerous cheap book and booklet rows popular.

Starting from the end 19. Century appeared stories from the wild west in numerous novel booklet rows after American model (like e.g. Buffalo Bill or Texas Jack) also in German language. In run 20. Century game west novels were published mostly as novel booklets (groschen booklets), Leihbücher and in the decades after the Second World War also as paperbacks. Partially it concerned here translations out of the English, predominantly these novels however by German authors mostly under aliases wrote themselves, whereby itself the German authors 20. Century often strongly at American models oriented. (2006) Western in Germany appear present nearly only as trivial novel booklets, although there are efforts to publish also again more Western in paperback form.


of game west novels play before the background of the history of the American west. Action-moderately most Western leads into the time between the end of the American civil war and the year 1885. Typical topics are the cowboys and cattle impulses, the arguments between white ones and Indians or the penetration of law and civilization in the west.

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