William figure eight man

William figure eight man (* 15. August 1799 in Münster; † 26. May 1884 in Rome) was a German sculptor and honour citizen of the city Münster.


figure eight man learned the joiner's trade in Münster and made during its training by its technical skill about itself to talk. Particularly its carved ornaments at furniture whether their refinement were admired.

After successful conclusion of its teachings he worked not as a carpenter, but went to Berlin, in order to train itself further artistically. There he became pupil of the sculptors Christian Daniel smoke and Friedrich Tieck. By sales of small work it provided finally the means to a journey to Italy. With 41 years figure eight man established himself 1840 in Rome for the remainder of its life.

In Rome it produced a Pieta, which itself now in the pc. - Paulus cathedral of Münster found and is common in kleinern reproductions. It was destroyed in the Second World War, like also its most extensive work, a cross acceptance of carrarischem marble, consisting of five survive-large figures, which was set up 1858 in the cathedral to Münster. Its last larger work was a gothical altar with three reliefs from the life Christi for the cathedral to Prague (1873 set up).

At the age of 85 years William figure eight man died to 26. May 1884 in Rome.

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