William Brückner

William Brückner (* 11. December 1884 in Baden-Baden; † 18. August 1954 in autumn village, Chiemgau) was to 1940 a chief aide of Adolf Hitler.

Brückner buildup in Baden-Baden and put down there also its Abitur. Subsequently, it studied jurisprudence and national economy in Strasbourg, Freiburg, Heidelberg and Munich.

In the First World War he was discharged in a Bavarian infantry regiment officer and as a first lieutenant. After the war Franz knight of Epp occurred and was in the infantry regiment 42 the free corps, when member of the realm resistance takes part soviet republic in striking down the residents of Munich.

Toward at the end of of 1919 it visited again the university, became however for three years photograph technicians with the film. Already at the end of of 1922 joined Brückner of the NSDAP and became few months later at the 1. February of 1923 leaders of the SA regiment Munich. It belonged to those to the Putsch goaded on actively. From it also the quotation is delivered. “The day comes, there can I the people any longer hold. If now nothing happens, then the people petzen away. “

To 9. November 1923 it participated in the Hitler Putsch in Munich and on it to one and a half years prison was condemned. However it became after four and one-half months again to already dismiss and transferred immediately again the guidance in its SA regiment. Shortly thereafter it was active as a third Secretary-General until 1927 with the association for the Deutschtum abroad (VDA). During the next years it lived of its income as commercial representatives, until it found 1929 with German Auslandsinstitut a firm employment.

Brückner became however already at the 1. August 1930 Hitler aide and bodyguard, ascended later finally to the chief aide. It ranked thereby among the closest familiar ones in the personal environment of Hitler. Thus it in the propaganda film “Hitler over Germany” (1932) played as closest trusted friends beside Goebbels and Sepp Dietrich also.

To 9. November 1934 was appointed Brückner the SA upper group leader by Hitler. By a car accident in the same year Brückner Hitler could obtain the Begeleitarzt later of many years Karl Brandt.

To 15. January 1936 he became honour citizen of Detmold (became to 9. November 1945 denied by the town councillor again). Brückner, which likes because of its simplicity and Leutseligkeit with the asking plates and everyday life visitors of the Reichskanzlei much, lost with outbreak of the war ever more at meaning. It had to yield thereby more and more the aides of the armed forces and the SS. 18. October 1940 it became because of an argument surprisingly with Hitler's house director can mountain to dismiss. Wire-puller was here most likely Martin boron man.

It Julius Schaub followed . Brückner went to the armed forces, where he terminated the war as a Colonel.

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