William Diess

William Diess (William Diess) (* 25. June 1884 in bath elevator city, Lower Bavaria; † 13. September 1957 in Munich) was one of the most important Bavarian storytellers of its time.

It was born as a son of a people school teacher, studied in Munich law, opened after that 1. World war a law office in Munich and became after that 2. World war Ministerialrat in the Bavarian law and later also in the ministry for education and cultural. He was a chairman of the regional organization for homeland care, fee professor for author and right to inventorship at the University of Munich, general manager of the Bavarian national theatres and member of the academy of the beautiful arts. It died 1957 in Munich.

Its gift lay in in spontaneous speaking of bar hoar frost stories, which actually course-carried have or which he even experienced. It created it to build and appropriate with few sets of persons and things from its homeland represent in its stories its own Komik. Its friends were that they along-wrote in shorthand its stories secretly and him later persuaded to publish these stories he became in such a manner inspired the so-called “storyteller against will”.

Its stories are not in the Bavarian dialect, probably however of remind the Satzbau of the Bavarian dialect, which surely contributed to the large attraction of its stories.

Published works:

  • Bar hoar frost stories
  • the confession
  • lightning
  • larva line Winklholzerin
  • the small stable

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