William Dittmann

William Dittmann (* 13. November 1874 in Eutin, † 7. August 1954 in Bonn) was a German politician.

Dittmann was a carpenter von Beruf, starting from 1899 worked it as an editor. 1894 it attached the SPD and worked themselves at party newspapers in Bremerhaven and Solingen, before it began 1904 a place as a party secretary in Frankfurt/Main. 1909 it returned to the Niederrhein and won 1912 the realm tag constituency rem-separates - Lennep - Metz man.

it tuned 1915 for the first time against the war credits for financing of the The First World War, therefore from the SPD parliamentary group was excluded and created 1916 together with Hugo Haase and George Ledebour the social-democratic working group. 1917 it became initial member of the independent social-democratic party (USPD). In February 1918 it became because of its participation in the citizen of Berlin Ammunition worker strike of the tried Landesverrats for guiltily found and to five years fortress detention condemns. Already to 15. October 1918 it became however from the detention to dismiss.

During the first weeks of the November revolution (10. November to 29. December 1918) it belonged to the advice for the USPDthe people-assigned on. 1920 he was selected for the USPD in Reichstag. it took 1920 for the USPD on II. World congress of the communist international ones (AI) in Moscow part, leaned however against the Party Congress vote of resounds a connection of the USPD to the AI and oneCombination with the KPD off.

Dittmann led the remaining USPD (the majority of the members closed 1920 the KPD on) and operated 1922 the reunification with the SPD. In addition in the autumn 1922 Dittmann occurred those the executive committee of the united party and transferredFunction of an acting chairman of the social-democratic realm tag parliamentary group. From 1920 to 1925 it was one of the vices-president of the realm daily

in February 1933 fled it into Switzerland, to be familiar became that the Nazis wanted to accuse it during a looking process as “November criminals”. it turned 1951 afterWest Germany back and worked up to its death in Bonn SPD archives.

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