William Emil Messerschmitt

William Emil Messerschmitt (* 26. June 1898 in Frankfurt/Main; † 15. September 1978 in Munich) was a German airplane technical designer and entrepreneur.


Hermann Göring und Willy Messerschmitt (rechts daneben) in der Messerschmitt AG in Augsburg (27. Februar 1941)
Hermann Göring and Willy Messerschmitt (right beside it)in the Messerschmitt AG in Augsburg (27. February 1941)

Messerschmitt was born 1898 in Frankfurt/Main as a son of a wine wholesale dealer. Its stepfather was the American painter and resident of Munich academy professor Carl von Marr. After completion of the school it becamein the course of the First World War to the military service drawn in. After end of the war it studied to 1923 engineering sciences. Still during its study it had created 1923 the Messerschmitt aircraft construction GmbH in Bamberg.

Starting from 1927 worked its company with Bavarian aircraft plantsAG together. In the course of this co-operation Messerschmitt was appointed 1926 into the executive committee and received the position of the chief designer. After into consequence bankruptcy went to the world economic crisis the Bavarian aircraft plants AG, it changed it together with its Messerschmitt aircraft construction GmbH inthe Messerschmitt AG over.

1938 were distinguished Willy Messerschmitt beside Ferdinand Porsche and Fritz Todt with that 1937 by Adolf Hitler again donated German national price for art and science, which he itself with Ernst Heinkel to the half (50,000 realm Marks)divided.


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