William Hagemann

William Hagemann (* 5. January 1899 in taught; † 17. October 1973 in Braunschweig) was a German chess player and a well-known composer.

Hagemann learned the game of chess with 10 years. Starting from 1923 it won 10 times one behind the other the association championship of the worker chess association Braunschweig.

Afterwards it shifted the emphasis on the chess composition. It composed about 1,600 tasks of chess, in particular Hilfsmatts and Selbstmatts. It received many honors. Several of its work were taken up to the FIDE albums.

William Hagemann
chess ago old, 1935
Matt in 3 courses


White would like to intersperse Ka6 together with Sb6 matt. In addition the black tower must be diverted from the A-line. At the same time white has to prevent that this tower over an open line on the 6. Row arrives, about to Te1-e6.

1. - Txh1 (or 1. - Tf1, Tb1) 2.Ka6 together with Sb6 matt
1. - Tc, D, e, g1 to offer (in order chess) 2.TxT Lb1 3.Tc, D, e, g8 matt
1. - Lb1 2.Tg1! together with 3.Tg8 matt (not however e.g. 2. Te1? Le4!)

It fails
to 1.Ka6 Lb1! - Sa4 is bound
1.Txa1 Lb1 2.Ka6 Ld3+

it created 1949 together with Hans Doormann and William Karsch feenschach, a magazine for fairy tale chess. Parallel it led also problem columns in the magazines German worker chess newspaper (1933 ago), Promadas, chess ago old and chess echo (1953-1969). it published 1952 together with William Karsch of figure cyclic testings in the chess problem.

For its works the FIDE drew it 1958 with the title of international arbitrators for chess composition.

1973 died Hagemann after long and serious illness.


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