William sound

to William sound (* 7. February 1902 in Bammental; † 17. November 1973 in Berlin) was a KPD - functionary and coworker in the Politbüro of the central committee of the SED in the GDR.

to lives

sound completed 1916 - 1921 training as the buyer, were to 1924 Angesteller in Dortmund, to 1928 workers in different building firms, 1928 - 1929 unemployed and until 1933 editor of the newspaper “Berlin in the morning”.

1922 - 1924 were sound to member of the “association for the protection against the Antisemitismus in Germany” and since 1923 in different functions in the subdistrict Dortmund, later in the subdistrict Berlin of the KPD active.

Starting from March 1933 it was illegaly in the intelligence service of the KPD active, in July 1935 was arrested and in October 1936 in the last public negotiation of the people's court to six years penintentiary condemned. Until 1945 was it and others in Berlin Plötzensee, Brandenburg Görden and Bayreuth as in the KZ of ash villages moorland, Saxonia living and duty living in detention.

it joined 1945/1946 the KPD-SED in Berlin and was coworker in the central committee of the SED. As a director/conductor of the subsection of “functionaries in state and economics” he was considerably involved in the expropriation of “company and war criminal enterprises. 1953 - 1961 he was a deputy director of the German economic research institute, afterwards to 1969 coworkers of the agitation commission with the Politbüro of the ZK of the SED.

Sound received to 1965 the patriotic earnings/service medal and 1967 to the Karl Marx medal.


  • “small history of the industrial union colors, to which large manufacturers of death”, Berlin 1957


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