William Kralik son

William Kralik son was an artistically meaning glass factory in Eleonorenhain, Böhmen.


the year 1881 the four inheriting the company Meyr's nephew argued history and the glassworks in Eleonorenhain and Ernstbrunn fell at Johann and Heinrich Kralik of Meyrswalden. They firmierten from now on under the designation William Kralik son, whereby Johann separated later again. But 1896 William Mathias Kralik of Meyrswalden and God praise, the son of the Heinrich were taken up, as owners.

After the death of Heinrich Kralik of Meyrswalden in the year 1911 transferred its sons Alfons and Siegfried Kralik of Meyrswalden the company. The brother God praise Kralik of Meyrswalden left the company and transferred to Germany to prince mountain A. D. Or (today's name ironworks city) the there glasswork.

After end of the Second World War the company became Czech state enterprise under the name „Sklárny Český křišťál “(„Czech crystal glass “). 1993 followed renaming in „Šumavské sklárny “(„Böhmerwaldglas “) and 1995 the final locking of the glass factory in Eleonorenhain.

Some important exhibits are today in the glass museum Passau

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www.glasmuseum.de/de/jugendstil.php (works in the glass museum Passau)


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