William Mohnke

William Mohnke (* 15. March 1911 in Luebeck; † 6. August 2001 in Damp) was a German SS-Brigadeführer and major general of the weapon SS.


Wilhelm Mohnke
William Mohnke

William Mohnke became to 15. March 1911 in Luebeck born. Its father, who was called likewise William Mohnke, was a carpenter. William Mohnke joined the protection relay in September 1931 the NSDAP and in the November of the same yearly . After it had gone through several positions with the SS it in March 1933 to the SS-Stabswache Berlin was shifted.

In September 1939 it took as a boss of the 5. Company body-condition-kind-eats Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) at the attack on Poland part. To 29. It received the iron cross 2 to September 1939. Class and already few weeks later, to 8. November 1939, the iron cross 1. Class. Following the attack on Poland it fought with its company at the west front, where it to 22. March 1940, after the Verwundung of the past commander, the command over 2. Battalion of the LSSAH to take over could. As a commander 2. Battalion of the LSSAH Mohnke was to 5. May 1940 responsible for the death of 97 British prisoners of war with Wormhoudt in France.

1941 it fought as a commander 2. Battalion of the LSSAH on the Balkans. Here it was wounded in April 1941 the first time, by an air raid; as consequence of the Verwundung it a foot had to be amputiert.

In June 1942 William Mohnke of Josef Dietrich the equipment of a tank department within the LSSAH was assigned. Mohnke received the command over 2. SS-infantryman-regiment of the LSSAH. In June 1944 its regiment fought in normandy. For his employment William received Mohnke at the 11. July 1944 the knight cross. To 20. August 1944 he took over, since the division commander Theodor wipe one wounded , the command over finally body-condition-kind-eats Adolf Hitler. In December 1944 Mohnke had been as a commander of the LSSAH involved in the Malmedy massacre, during 1946 the following Malmedy process it however had not been sued, since he was at this time in Soviet war shank.

During the participation in the operation “it is awake to 30 on the Rhine” (Ardennenoffensive) became. January 1945 appointed the SS-Brigadeführer. After a head injury, which it itself to 6. February 1945 with a Fliegerangriff had tightened, had to hand the command to Mohnke over over the LSSAH at Otto Kumm.

After a short recovery break William Mohnke became to 10. February 1945 into the Reichskanzlei to Berlin abkommandiert. In Berlin it became to 22. April 1945 appointed by Adolf Hitler the commander over the defense forces of the area of government administration (defense area citadel). The combat team Mohnke designated after it consisted of 9 battalions. Mohnke was subordinated Adolf Hitler in its position as commanders over the defense area citadel directly.

At the 1. May 1945 tries Mohnke with some persons, of the shelter of the new Reichskanzlei outgoing, an attempt to escape from the encircled area of government administration. One day later Mohnke is arrested by Soviet troops.

Up to 10. October 1955 remained to William Mohnke in Soviet war shank. After its release it pulled to Hamburg and worked there as an autosalesman.

William Mohnke deceased to 6. August 2001 in Damp with Eckernförde.

In the motion picture film “the fall “was represented to Mohnke of André Hennicke.

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