William Schapp

William Schapp (* 15. October 1884 in Timmel (today to Grossefehn, East Frisia); † 22. March 1965 in Aurich) was a German philosopher and lawyer.

Schapp began its philosophical study with Heinrich Rickert , William Dilthey and George Simmel and, since 1905, with Edmund Husserl in Goettingen continued. Here it put its thesis to 1909 “Contributions to the Phänomenologie of the perception” forwards, which ranks among the main writings of the classical Phänomenologie. Schapp a multipart investigation to the Rechtsphänomenologie, published of 1930 at. It led itself into the apron of the philosophy of stories, developed after 1945, a philosophy, not only of Pänomenologie and Transzendentalphilosophie clear away, but in last consequence also the break with the logozentrischen tradition in abendländischen thinking carries out and as the effort to be understood knows, To interconnect environment and history.

In this thinking, which possesses even epische courses, stories, our involving its Inge layers and we as Inge-layer-involved the traditional philosophical concepts “world”, replace “its” and “humans” and assign a thinking and a speaking new positions. Which and who in each case we are, we are by “stories”, into which we are “involved”. Thus no fate is meant in the fatalistic sense, but rather a defense against verobjektivierende interpretations intends itself, like it with the terms report, chronicle, biography, objectively ascertainable event etc. connect. The only way of human self and stranger driving is made after Schapp by different attitudes (stranger, own and we stories) and consciousness levels, which are valid for itself, because one Zurückführung one on the other or a causal interpretation is not possible.

Schapps beginning is without comparison in newer philosophy, concretely and poetically at the same time. In its thinking a Skeptizismus manifests itself in relation to the systematic sciences, which will have finally surrendered never arbitrarily and without which we a our thinking and us to the order of destined in each case specialists and instances.


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