William Troll

William Troll (* 3. November 1897 in Munich, † 28. December 1978 in Mainz), brother of the geographer Carl Troll, was a German Botaniker.

Troll studied from 1918-1922 in Munich Botanik and natural sciences. As an assistant at Botani Institut in Munich (1923-1932) it participated from 1928-1930 in an expedition to Malaysia . it received a call to 1932 to the university resounds (Saale) as a director/conductor of the Botani institute and the Botani garden. After 1945 he worked temporarily as a teacher and became 1946 professor for Botanik in Mainz (until 1966). From 1950-1955 it developed the Botani garden here .

Trolls scientific interest applied above all for the morphology of the plants. Its studies to the comparative morphology stood in the tradition of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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