William diaper volume

William diaper volume (* 11. May 1848 in potsdam; † 22. October 1915 in Heidelberg), philosopher, professor in Freiburg in mash gau and Heidelberg, representative of the Neukantianismus and founder of the so-called “South West German ones “or “school of Baden”, pupil Hermann Lotzes, with which it attained a doctorate to 1870 with the work the theories of the coincidence.

As a son of a Prussian official it studied the fan medicine and natural sciences, history and philosophy in Jena, Berlin and Goettingen. In the year 1873 it habilitierte itself after the return as a Freiwilliger from the French-German war 1870/71 with the work over the certainty of the realization. 1876 it accepted call to the university of Zurich , in order to then change 1877 to the University of Freiburg. 1882 he became successor of Otto dear man at the university of Strasbourg. In the year 1903 it changed to the University of Heidelberg, where it worked up to its end of life.

Diaper volume strove particularly for the demarcation of natural sciences and culture sciences (Geisteswissenschaften). The natural sciences proceed “nomothetisch”, D. h. they describe their article by general laws. The culture sciences have it with the unique one to do to individual ones and special ones it proceeded “idiographisch “.

In addition diaper volume stepped out as a philosophy historian. Its “text book of the history of philosophy” 1892 experienced many editions and by Heinz Heimsoeth was continued. Its most important pupil was Heinrich Rickert.


  • Präludien, Freiburg/mash gau 1884 u.ö.
  • History of old philosophy, in: Manual of the antiquity sciences, Hrsg. by Ivan of Mueller, Nördlingen 1888
  • history and natural science, Strasbourg 1894
  • over free will, Tübingen 1904
  • philosophy in the German spirit life of the XIX. Century, Tübingen 1909
  • over equality and identity, Heidelberg 1910
  • the principles of the logic, Tübingen 1912
  • historical philosophy. A war lecture., Kant studies (supplement 38), Berlin 1916
  • introduction into philosophy, Tübingen 1914

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