William of Diez

William of Diez: Sank George, that kite-dead (study, 1897)

Albrecht Christoph William of Diez (* 17. January 1839 in Bayreuth; † 25. February 1907 in Munich) was a German painter and Illustrator of the residents of Munich school.

It visited the vocational school in Bayreuth, from 1853 to 1855 the poly-technical school in Munich, and 1855 the academy of arts Munich, where it was four weeks pupils of Karl Theodor of Piloty. It left the academy however after shortest time again and trained themselves further auto+didactically as draughtsman and a painter.

Diez became first by numerous work in the flying sheets and Munich picture elbow admits. 1871 it illustrated Schillers history of the dreissigjährigen war. Its designs are coined/shaped by a light line in the kind of erasures and open, clear treatment of the shade. Later it stepped out also by category painting, animal pictures and landscape painting.

In January 1871 Diez teacher became to the residents of Munich academy of arts led by William of Kaulbach and a professor soon thereafter there. In this position it exerted a crucial influence not only on numerous pupils (under it max of Slevogt, William Trübner and Fritz Mackensen), but also on the development of the whole residents of Munich school toward the Kolorismus . Diez did not go it around painting an individual scene of their outside feature because of how into the Müncher school did history painting prevailing up to then it; it demonstrated the viewer rather also in its smallest pictures a piece of culture history.

On the residents of Munich international exhibition of 1883 for a Anbetung of the Hirten the large golden medal was awarded to him.



  • forest celebration (at the Rococo time), national gallery Berlin
  • dead deer, national gallery Berlin
  • sank George that kite-dead (study), national gallery Berlin


  • Stefanie comb: William of Diez. 1839-1907. An artist between historicism and art nouveau. (= tuduv studies; History of art lines up; Volume 43). tuduv, Munich 1991, ISBN 3-88073-390-2 (art-historical thesis with list of works)

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