Wants Quadflieg

wants Quadflieg (* 15. September 1914 in upper living; † 27. November 2003 in Hamburg; actually Friedrich William Quadflieg) was an important German theatre actor.

Already during the school time wants Quadflieg play instruction took and got 1933 to be first commitment in itsHometown. Over detours he came 1936 to Berlin, where he was promoted at the people stage with Eugen Klöpfer and in the Schiller theatre fast to the star, among other things under Heinrich George.

The directors, among whom it played, stood with the Nazi regime on good foot. Butalthough Quadflieg did not divide the opinions of the Nazis, also he was a Mitläufer and a beneficiary (he did not have to exchange the stage with the front). Instead it was involved in two films for the elevation of the moral, which it repented time life. It was one of the few large ones the industry, which strove after the war around regret and Sühne.

The reconstruction of the theatre culture in Hamburg , where Quadflieg was engaged starting from 1947 to the German Schauspielhaus , followed at the same time also in Zurich and with the salt citizen festivals as a “everyone “. 1956 to 1962 he worked under Gustaf of creating gene, in whose successful filming fist played of the I von Goethe he the title part (1957), which admits him also to an international public made. 1964 it played at the Viennese castle theatre Macbeth the title part and pushed in such a way to the ensemblethe theatre.

In the 1960er and 1970er years became calmer it around Quadflieg, which had never made make no secret from its view of the theatre as classical speech stage. This brought it however in opposition to the new generation of the Theatermacher establishing into the late 1960er to years,those ever more the traditions of the classical theatre over board threw. Since that time only in the middle of the 1970er years could it again as in demand actors establish and embodied myself also modern figures brilliantly. Since it was at the Thalia theatre engaged 1983 in Hamburg, where it up toits death played.

Quadflieg, a large speech artist, played above all classical roles, under it Romeo, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, Faust, Mephisto, Tasso, Don Carlo and Nathan. Besides it made by numerous speech plates and lecture evenings a name as Rezitator, was Film and television to guest, among other things in Dieter of whisk four-divisor “the large Bell home”, remained however always for the theatre faithful. He was father of five children, under it Christian Quadflieg which stepped as only into its Fussstapfen. Its daughter Roswitha has itself as Buchillustratorin among other things of Michael of end of infinite history a name made.

Quadflieg e.g. spoke in the 80's musiccassettes about classical composers. Johannes Brahms, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian brook. Quadflieg borrowed in each case its voice to the storyteller, while the remaining figures of other synchronous speakers e.g. Helmut Zierl/Johannes Brahms- were occupied.

With Quadflieg, which died at the high age of 89 years, wants lost the German theatre one of its last large character actors.


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