Willem Duyn

Willem Duyn (* 31. March 1937 in Haarlem, Noord Holland; † 3. December 2004 in the Netherlands) was a Netherlands singer.

Duyn began its career 1960 as a Schlagzeuger. With its Partnerin Sjoukje van' t Spijker as Maggie MacNeal (* 5. ) It had May 1950 as duo Mouth & MacNeal starting from 1971 some large successes. At the bekannstesten How are DO You DO? (1972), Hello A (1972) and I lake A star (1974).

1974 came it with the European Songfestival on the third place. They had also a German hit: A gold'ner star (1974).

In the 90's Duyn still arose with different skirt volume, into which last years became he however mainly in cafes and bars engaged. It died at the 3. December 2004 at heart stop.

He lived in Roswinkel, province Drenthe.


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