Willem Marinus Dudok

Willem Marinus Dudok (* 6. July 1884 in Amsterdam; † 6. April 1974 in Hilversum) was an architect from the Netherlands.

Dudok is considered as one of the determining architects in the Netherlands.

He was from 1915 to 1927 a director of public utilities, then up to his retirement town architect in Hilversum. In its style it processed first influences of H. P. Berlage and the Amsterdamer school, later of franc Lloyd WRIGHT, developed around it.

Its most well-known buildings are:

Dudok exerted influence on the whole townscape of Hilversum. Thus there are narrow strips park, which remained spared in the context of its concept before the Rodung, so that a Wanderer of the center can reach the forest by green belts outside from Hilversum.

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