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Willem de Kooning (* 24. April 1904 in Rotterdam; † 19. March 1997 in jump, New York) was an US-American painter of Netherlands origin. It is assigned to the style direction of the abstract expressionism.

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Willem de Kooning completed until 1920 teachings as a decoration painter, visited however already starting from 1916 evening classes at the academy of the forming arts and technical sciences Rotterdam, where it finally until 1924studied. 1924 he came into Belgium with flämischen expressionists into contact.it pulled 1926 into the USA. Particularly after his meeting with Arshile Gorky in the year 1929 became his style more increasingly abstractly. Around the turn of the 1930ern to the 1940ern painted deKooning both abstract and figurative works, later followed a set of monumental abstract woman pictures, which remind both on God inside and antique rites and of the contemporary woman.

1948 taught de Kooning at the Black Mountain college and from 1950 to 1951 at that Yale University.

1963 pulled de Kooning of New York town center in the neighbouring Long Iceland, where he partly dedicated himself to a landscape painting. At this time the works developed remind partially of the works of Peter Paul Rubens.

In its last Lebensjahren got sickDe Kooning at Alzheimer, it continued to paint however.

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  • onelarge Willem de Kooning retrospective finds in the art forum Vienna of 13. January to 28. March 2005 instead of, moves on it following in Koonings hometown Rotterdam. Above all large sized works are shown from six decades of its work. In its work from the 1930er and 1940er years are it shown stillconfine connections to its European models, particularly relevant influences Picassos. The change to the abstract expressionism took place in accordance with this work-looks rather abruptly end of the 1940er years. Approximately around the “Woman in such a way specified project” into the 1950ern is “fight with the canvas” to much. The twothe following decades point themselves substantially sovereignly and more loosely to large, far drawing back brush guidance. The work of the 1980er is an own area dedicated, since motives and Gestus change clearly, fewer tensions and more internal peace transport. The late work of the last Lebensjahre, more than 300Work from the last phase of his work to cover is, of work-look according to the expert's assessment walter of smock only insufficiently illustrated. Here some more is pending to be retrieved for the future. In the rest of the great importance still during lifetimes of the Koonings created is put outand at present of its daughter led Kooning Foundation, which to the Leigebern of the Viennese work-look belonged and many entrances to private collections opened. This donation is however according to information of the directress of the Viennese of art forum, Ingried Brugger, hardly influence on the conception of the Kooning retrospective converted heretook.
  • It is carrier of the max Beckmann price.

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