Willi Dungl

Willi Dungl (* 17. July 1937 in Vienna; † 1. May 2002 in horn, Lower Austria) was one of the most famous Austrian health experts. It worried particularly about the medical support of top-class sportsmen and created the bio training center in Gars at the Kamp (Lower Austria). Willi Dungl wrote numerous books to this topic, which brought in the surname Fitnesspapst for him.

Willi Dungl began first teachings as an iron wholesale dealer and made themselves independent to its medical NCO school at the Austrian federal army 1965 as Masseur. In the year 1970 he became finally director/conductor of the professional training courses for measure your at the WIFI in Vienna. With olympic summer games in Munich the 1972 it was part of the international physical care team. He attained ever larger reputation than health expert and cared for in the consequence numerous top-class sportsmen, like Niki Lauda and Steffi Graf, in addition, other personalities such as of Austria old Federal President short forest home. In the years 1973 to 1980 Willi Dungl was responsible for the support of the Austrian national team with olympic plays and world championships. The far over borders of Austria became it admits 1 pilot particularly by the support of formula, of John Watson over Gerhard Berger to Patrick Friesacher. Together with its pupils, Erwin Göllner worked with Ayrton Senna and Jacques Villeneuve, Josef Leberer with Mika Häkkinen and the clean - team, Harry Hawelka with Michael Schumacher, he cared for occasionally the half starter field.

In the year 1986 Willi Dungl bases its bio training center in Gars at the Kamp, after its death further continued using by its daughter. It continues to give to be driven out numerous products such as tea , fruit - and vegetable juices under its label name the Willi Dungl.


in the year 1985 Willi Dungel the professor became - titles lent.

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