Willi earthling

Willi earthling (* 31. July 1937 in Ribben/East Prussia) was from 1980 to 2002 judges at the Federal High Court.

After completion of its legal training it became first for short time active as an attorney, before it occurred 1968 the law service of the country Lower Saxony. He dressed different positions as judge and a public prosecutor, last starting from 1975 the office of a judge at the higher regional court Oldenburg.

1980 were appointed earthling the judge at the Federal High Court. Since that time it belonged up to its entrance into the retirement in the year 2002 I. Civil court of appeal, whose emphasis lies in the range of the commercial legal protection, on. 1995 it became deputy chairmen and 1996 chairmen of this senate.

Beyond that earthling was during his activity at the Federal High Court repeats member of the service court of the federation, from 1997 to 2001 as its a chairman.

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