Willi rose

Willi rose, actually William Bernhard Max of rose (* 4. February 1902 in Berlin; † 16. June 1978 in Berlin) was a German stage and Filmschauspieler.

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Willi Roses father Bernhard Rose (1865 - 1927) had end 19. Century with the assumption of a restaurant also the “rose theatre “taken over, which to a kind people stage developed. Its children Hans rose (1893 - 1980), Paul Rose (1900 - 1973, actor and theatrical director) and Willi rose stepped into his Fussstapfen and took over line and acted on the stage. 34-jährig left Willi rose the fraternal community and went own ways.

Willi rose with Inge's was married rose (1911-1974). In Berlin a Gedenktafel reminds at the house Bolivarallee 17 in Berlin Charlottenburg of the folk actor. There it lived starting from 1950 up to its death. The board was donated by the taxi guild.


one its first small Filmrolle received Willi rose in the strip “Allotria “in the year 1936. But only roles into “the Göttliche Jette “(1937),” vacation on word of honour “(1938) and” alarm on station III “(1939) announced it also a larger public. Particularly to mention still the also world-wide well-known “circus would be Renz “from the year 1943 beside the numerous films, in which it participated.

Also after the war Willi rose played no main roles, but was it in many films in Nebenrollen to be seen. Among them “Wozzeckare, a DEFA production of 1947, “the captain of Köpenick “(1956),” the iron Gustav “and” taiga “(both 1958).

With the spreading of the television Willi rose played also there in several series and television plays.


of Willi Roses exist, since he along-played also in Operetten, numerous disk photographs with hits and Gassenhauern as for example: Püppchen you is my eye star, we drinks our granny its small little house or comes into my dear summerhouse.

films (selection)

  • “a man upward” (1978) TV series “
  • cafe wants who-nods” (1978) TV series
  • scene (1977 and 1975)
  • “novellas from the wild west” (1972) TV series
  • of operation Walküre (1971) (TV)
  • Tamara (1968)
  • if it night becomes on the Reeperbahn (1967)
  • hours of the fear (1964) (TV)
  • “in such a way everyone route 11” (1962) TV
  • series we cellar children (1960
  • ) Freddy and the melody of the night (1960
  • ) one does not fish a man (1959)
  • if the Conny with Peter (1958)
  • the iron Gustav (1958)
  • Taiga (1958)
  • larva in Germany - a life for Zeiss (1957)
  • beautiful is the world (1957)
  • the captain of Köpenick (1956)
  • to instruction, Mrs. Feldwebel (1956)
  • the robbery of the Sabinerinnen (1954)
  • Torreani (1951)
  • the case Rabanser, (1950)
  • Wozzeck (1947)
  • and finds that once we again (1947)
  • to large city melody (1943)
  • circus Renz (1943)
  • five thousand Marks of reward (1942)
  • … rides itself for Germany (1941)
  • over everything in the world (1941)
  • alarm on station III (1939)
  • Legion CONDOR (1939)
  • vacation on word of honour (1938)
  • Patrioten (1937)
  • Allotria (1936)

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