William beard RAM

William beard RAM (* 20. April 1739 in Kingsessing, Pennsylvania (today some of Philadelphia); † 22. July 1823 ) was an American natural scientist even there.

He was the son of John beard RAM and accompanied his father on many of his journeys into the Catskill of mountains and after Florida. Already in recent years was it admits for the quality of the designs, which it made from the pieces of collecting of its father. It cooperated also ever more in the care of the looking garden of its father and contributed some rare plants to it.

In the year 1773 it made itself alone on a four years old journey by eight southern colonies. It made many designs and notes over the there domestic Flora and fauna and over the Indians. A further expedition by Florida, Georgia and Carolina dragged on over the largest part of the 1780er years. On this journey it arranged at that time the most complete list of American birds.

Titelseite von 'Reisen...'
Title page of “journeys…”

after its return published beard RAM 1791 its journal under the title 'journeys by north and south Carolina, Georgia, Ost- and West-Florida, the Cherokee country etc. '. At this time as the prominent work was regarded over American natural history. Additionally to its contributions to the scientific realization the work is famous because of its original-faithful descriptions of the American landscape. It affected many romantic writers of that time: One knows from William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge that they read the book, and its influence is noticeable in many of their works.

1802 met beard RAM the teacher Alexander Wilson and taught to it the initial reasons the bird customer . Wilsons “American Ornithologie” contains many references to beard RAM and the area around beard RAMs gardens.

Beard RAM with quiet work in its house and garden in Kingsessing spent the largest part of the last decades of its life. To teach Botanik it leaned different offers likewise starting from like the offer to accompany Lewis and Clark on their expedition. It died with 84 years in its house.


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