William Cavendish Bentinck

lord William Bentinck

lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck (* 14. September 1774; † 17. June 1839 in Paris), British general and statesman.

Lord Bentinck became after military services of several years 1803 governor von Madras. Later it than authorized person Minister went to at that time the king living because of the Okkupation of its states on the continent in Sicilies from Neapel and took over the supreme command over according to contract of 30. March 1808 on the island stationed British war power. It arranged itself by his proud occurrence the queen Karoline, 1811 to Vienna too gone and with Napoleon I. to step into negotiations, while it gave after the 1812 broken off revolution one to the island Sicily the English similar condition and a parliament.

1813 it landed in Katalonien, had however after the unfortunate battle of Villafranca the FE storage of Barcelona to waive and again embark themselves. Then it befehligte British war power in the Mediterranean, landed 1814 with Livorno and called the Italians to independence. Whereupon it took Genova and governed it up to its accumulation at Sardinien.

living, he hurried 1815 in Florenz after the income Neapels by the Austrians there, was then for a while British envoy in Rome and late members of the English House of Commons. 1827 he became governor general of east India. Here it introduced some good mechanisms, forbade for example burning the widows and gave to the Europeans more liberty to the lease and to the cultivation of Ländereien. Under the Ministry Melbourne 1835 recalled, he went to Paris, where he to 17. June 1839 died.


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